Torque Tips | How to better identify and understand your vehicles advanced tech features

How to better identify and understand your vehicles advanced tech features

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As we steadily upgrade our lives and everything in it such as home decor, smartphones and vehicles we start to see where technology is taking us. I remember attending a festival at one of our local dealerships not too long ago and, walking through their showroom I spotted a salesperson swiping his foot under the rear bumper of the vehicle and the boot lid popped up automatically. I was left in awe because I had no idea a vehicle could do that. This had me wondering how many drivers own a modern vehicle that’s filled with an abundance of intuitive features but only use some of the advanced features and know how they work. Seeing as you’re paying the hefty price for all these smart and advanced vehicle techs, we are going to explain how you can better identify and understand all your vehicles technology. 

How to identify them: 

  • Before signing the papers and driving away from the dealership all too eager to take your newly owned vehicle for a spin, make sure that a salesperson explains all the advanced features and controls to you thoroughly. You can take notes or do some research later. 
  • Use the vehicle’s owner’s manual to learn more as it has important information provided. Most usually have a ‘getting started’ guide in the index that you could use to familiarise yourself with the controls and features while driving every day. 
  • You can also go onto your vehicle brand’s manufacturers’ website, there you will find many mediums and sources you could use to learn more about these intricate and advanced features and controls.

The motoring industry evolves more and more each year to keep clients satisfied and make use of their innovative technology and features. These features offer better safety, comfort and convenience on the road and some of the most popular are: 

  • Airbags, on almost every new vehicle model you will notice that more and more airbags are designed into the interior of the vehicle, to offer all-around protection for all passengers within. 
  • Anti-lock Braking System, this system helps prevent the wheels of your vehicle from locking-up when you brake too hard. This is especially helpful when driving in a heavy downpour. 
  • Electronic Stability Control helps maintain your vehicle in its path especially when turning. This system uses a computer linked to certain sensors that monitor your vehicles wheel speed, rotation and angle to prevent skidding and losing control of your vehicle. 
  • Brake assist, whether you’re doing your make-up on the go or you’re listening to your old time favourite song and not paying attention to the road, means that you will most probably end up panic braking. This system predicts when the driver is braking too hard or abruptly and offers maximum force to stop your vehicle in time without locking-up your wheels either.
  • Blind-spot monitoring,  if your quite short like I am then you most probably know the struggle of visibility and having a clear view in all your vehicles blind spots. This feature acts as an aid to notify you when a vehicle or an object is in your blind spot that you may have failed to notice yourself. 

These are just some of the most popular and common features and driving aids you will find in modern vehicles today. It is important to know all about your vehicle to drive it to its full potential and reap all the benefits it has to offer. We hope that this Torque Tip was helpful and that you might learn something quite interesting and fun about your vehicle. 

Written by: Ashley Roos