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How to be a safe and responsible passenger

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We all know the importance of adhering to all the rules of the road and to avoid dangerous distractions such as being on your phone when you are driving. Then there are also other common facts we all know such as being alert and having your undivided attention and focus on the road. Furthermore we are here today to state that being a passenger can be considered as a risk factor and a distraction to the driver, this is why learner drivers are not allowed to have any passengers with them when driving. And so we are sharing some ways that you and your loved ones can be safe and responsible passengers.

Buckle up:

Out of habit most of us put on our seatbelts the moment we are securely seated and then others would much rather turn up the radio and turn down the windows when they get in the vehicle. If it is a habit you won’t even notice that you don’t have your seatbelt on until you pass a metro officer or someone physically points it out to you. Remember to buckle up every time you get into a vehicle, this way you are ensuring your very own safety but you are also offering the driver some much appreciated peace of mind.

Avoid being a distraction:

Even though were not restless kids who can’t stand long road trips, being in a car for a long period of time takes its toll on anyone even adults. Things such as “what’s going on there” and “oh, look at that” can be very dangerous for a driver who needs to continue to focus on the road.

Be a helpful co-pilot:

Multitasking behind the wheel is not only difficult but dangerous to. When you are in the passenger seat offer a helping hand for e.g. turning up the radio for them or type out a message on their phone or give them directions instead of having them look down at the phone or up and away at the GPS. By doing so they will have both hands on the steering wheel at most times and they will have that undivided attention they need on the road.

Keep the atmosphere calm:

A driver that is engaged in a positive, happy and calm state will drive much safer and more responsibly than a driver who is trying to focus but who is also in a heated argument or discussing a hot and exciting topic. This can distract them and even a split second could have serious repercussions.

Don’t panic:

This rule is just as important to the driver as it is for the passenger. If you spot a potential hazard on the road, do your best to remain calm and notify the driver in a manner that they are able to respond and react safely and timeously. Do not shout, grab the steering wheel or cause a panic in the vehicle that could end up in a detrimental situation, as where it could have been avoided if everyone thought and reacted rationally.

On that note, we would like to remind our readers that external and internal factors of a vehicle has a big impact and effect on the driver and their capability to drive as they should. Be a responsible, considered and safe passenger and so you will reach your destination safely and at ease when you arrive.

Written by: Ashely Roos