Torque Tips | How safe is it to drive with a chipped or cracked windshield?

How safe is it to drive with a chipped or cracked windshield?

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-it is all about clear vision-

A chip on a windscreen can cause plenty of confusion- when can it be considered as something to have fixed before it develops into a crack or when can it still be overlooked as minor and insignificant? These are important questions to ask and we are here today to provide you with some tips. We do understand that budgets are tight and there is always something that comes along that requires a bit of cash, so you push the chipped windshield to the side month on month and hope for the best, but sometimes you have to reconsider and try to have it fixed, here is why:

A chip on a windshield can be fixed quickly and effortlessly by injecting resin into the troubled area as this can save the chip from developing into a crack and also save you from developing a headache as well. A minor chip can easily be regarded as insignificant but let’s not forget that it can quickly develop into a crack because the windshield is now weakened.

A windshield can crack when:

                    Under the pressures of strong winds when you are driving at high speeds.

                    External debris hits the shield. This can be anything like stones, pebbles to hail.

                    Weather impacts it further- harmful sunrays are damaging and weakens the shield that allows cracking to happen quicker and even the swell in size due to changes in temperatures.

                    A windshield is fitted poorly or incorrectly.

                    A collision occurs.

Should you drive with a windshield that is cracked?

                    Firstly, the law states that a vehicle with a cracked windshield can still be considered roadworthy if the crack doesn’t obstruct the driver?s view so be sure to look at that first.

                    Furthermore, it is unsafe as it obstructs your view.

                    Also, remember that a windshield also plays part in safety when in a collision- the passenger airbag bounces of off the windshield to ensure the safety of the passenger. If cracked, the windshield would most definitely shatter on impact and cause more damage than safety.

                    A rolled vehicle relies on a windshield to keep the roof from folding in. If the windscreen is already compromised due to a crack, it will not be able to hold the roof from collapsing during a roll.

Windshields are vital and provide key safety to passengers of vehicles so it’s important to look ensure they are 100%. We know it’s sometimes easier said than done but try to make it your priority to fix chips before they develop into cracks. Budgets don’t always allow it but you will not only save yourself a pretty penny in the future, you will also guarantee your family’s safety, and what is more important than that?

Written by: Nita Stadler