Breaking News | Hijackers find new strategy during lockdown – Don’t be the next victim

Hijackers find new strategy during lockdown – Don’t be the next victim

While South Africans are trying to unite in order to beat this life-threatening epidemic, the crime rate in our country continues to rise as criminals have not shutdown their operations. It was reported that hijacking cases have been sky-rocketing since the beginning of lockdown and hijackers have found a new strategy to target victims.

Due to the lockdown, restrictions have been implemented that prevent people from roaming the streets for no pertinent reason, only for essential motives which, in the interim, have affected the workings of hijackers. Knowing that people will be working from home and being desperate for cash has forced hijackers to create a new tactic in which they target driveways at people’s homes.

“The slant towards hijackings during lockdown is most likely an opportunistic tactic with criminals preying on vehicles out in the open, while most other vehicles would have been securely locked away.” vehicle-tracking company, Tracker stated.

According to BusinessTech, Dialdirect’s Bianca de Beer, hijackers fearlessly pounce on our doorsteps and now that home driveways are occupied with vehicles for a long period of time gives the automotive crooks an opportunity to attack. She adds that driveways have become a ‘hijacking hot-spot’ and carjackers have taken advantage of the stay-at-home policy during this unpleasant time for all fellow South Africans.

“Driveways are already a prime hijacking hotspot and, with more people working from home, criminals have a better window of opportunity to strike… criminals who are willing to confront a home’s occupants are generally more brazen and more likely to be armed. Avoid a direct confrontation at all costs.” said the insurance expert.

To avoid being a victim to this new hijacking method, make sure you have good security at home or look for alternative security measures you can take. Always be vigilant when you are in your driveway and also ensure that your vehicles are not visible from outside the gate.

Pearl Mwale