Torque Tips | Helpful vehicle hacks

Helpful vehicle hacks

-become a female MacGyver-

There are many savvy and innovative vehicle features, controls and trinkets that make your daily travels and December road trips that much more convenient, but we are sharing some helpful vehicle hacks that won’t cost you an arm and a leg and is sure to improve any trip you make. 

If your vehicle isn’t equipped with a smart infotainment system that has satellite navigation, and you still use your mobile phone as your GPS guide when driving, then you should try using a rubber band as a solution. You will easily find one of these the next time you order takeaway at a local roadhouse. Thread this rubber band through two air conditioning vent slots and place your phone in-between the two rubber band loops as a makeshift phone holder.

If you are guilty of stopping at your favourite fast-food franchise from time to time or grab a cup of coffee at your local petrol station every morning. Then you should try using a plastic cereal container which you can find at any nearby plastic stop and line it with a plastic bag as a portable trash can to dispose of your litter while you’re on the go.  

While having a staredown with a lady wearing unnecessarily large sunglasses who’s sporting a better-than-you attitude for a parking space, she finally gives in when noticing your not-today look and passes your vehicle while you pull into the shaded parking space. After doing your weekly shopping you are left feeling hopeless when you exit and try to spot your grey hatch in the sea of vehicles. To prevent this from happening in future you could take a picture of where you parked your vehicle and use it as a guide to spot your pride and joy. 

Most modern vehicles try to offer ample interior space and storage for passengers, but we know that passengers in the rear don’t get the same amount of storage you would find in the front. So the next time you have a long road trip ahead where passengers in the back would appreciate extra storage, use a shoe organizer to place all of their travel goodies in like tablets or books and hook the shoe organizer behind the front passenger seat’s headrest – easy as that. 

Whether you’re still working from home or you are faced with unpleasant smells escaping from your vehicle’s, its most probably mice and rats chewing up your vehicles electric wiring when you park it out in the open. Place a few dryer sheets in your vehicles cubbyhole or under your front seats to keep your vehicle smelling fresh all day long. Also, place a few under your bonnet when you park your vehicle to ward off unwanted mice and rats and remember to remove them before your next trip. 

The next time you plan a family road-trip down to the coast, place cupcake liners in the bottom of your vehicle’s cup holders to prevent drink spills and muck from appearing and avoid an unnecessary cleaning session when you get back beacause we all know what a headache it is to remove those fine-grained sand – simply remove the cupcake liners. 

It doesn’t take much to make life a little easier, simply keep on reading our thoughtful Torque Tips and learn something helpful each day. 

Written by: Ashley Roos