Torque Tips | Helpful tips for short and tall drivers

Helpful tips for short and tall drivers

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-don’t height-jack your driving comfort-

Women come in all shape and sizes, although this just makes us- us, it is a contributing factor to what vehicle we buy and how we drive on the road every day. Our height can actually determine a lot and as any rational woman who drives a vehicle around on a daily basis, we know the main goal is to get to our destination along with the comfort and safety while doing so, so whether you’re on the taller or shorter side, read on to know all about their helpful tips that could change your driving forever.

For our shorter ladies:

First things first, grab a cushion from your bed or at your nearest home store. Using a cushion if your vehicle doesn’t have height adjustment could give you that extra few centimetres you need. This is important so that you have a clear view ahead of you all the time. When you choose the right cushion you want to use, make sure that it won’t slip out from under you when you make a sharp turn e.g. silk materials. Try sitting on it in your vehicle to make sure that it’s the right one for you to use daily.

Then you also need to identify your blind spots, as a shorter person seeing in front of you isn’t the only obstacle but seeing around your vehicle too. Doing this is relatively easy, just have someone walk right around your vehicle and move farther away from your vehicle every time they do. This will allow you to identify and mark your blind spots. You can remedy this by not only adjusting your outside rear-view mirrors by attaching a pair of blind spot mirrors to them.

Some of these ’obstacles’ could be hazardous if you don’t find a way to handle them. One of them is the fact that when the sun goes down from your way from work in the afternoon, the sun might blind you. There are built-in sun visors in your windshield but you might not be tall enough for it to work for you. You can buy sun visor extenders for your vehicle or buy a hat with a visor and keep in in your vehicle. This may seem like an insignificant inconvenience you’re willing to deal with, but one split second could make you think otherwise.

Then there is also the discomfort of a headrest, if you’re on the shorter side, like me, then you also know that when you rest your head back in some vehicles that your neck will be in an uncomfortable and awkward angle. If this is the case, opt for a vehicle that has an adjustable headrest in the sense that it can tilt and move up and down to suit you. If you do drive a vehicle that doesn’t have one and buying another vehicle isn’t an option to visit your nearest junkyard to find a headrest that will offer you better support and comfort.

For our taller ladies:

Unfortunately, if a vehicle is too small to accommodate your height, it may not be as easy as buying a few accessories to fix the problem at hand. We recommend that you test a vehicle whether it offers enough head and legroom altogether before buying it. Vehicles such as crossover SUV’s, bakkies and sedans, will do. Even so, also make sure that the vehicle is equipped with a six-way adjustable seat with height adjustment along with a tilt and telescopic steering wheel, these nifty features could make all the difference in the amount of room you might need.

Written by: Ashley Roos