Breaking News | Shifting into Park: Ford's Top Ten Tips for Your Quarantined Machine

Shifting into Park: Ford's Top Ten Tips for Your Quarantined Machine

Basic personal hygiene is only the beginning of combatting COVID-19 and so the government have implemented travel restrictions and urge South-Africans to stay at home. The result of this is that our vehicles will be stationed, indefinitely.

A little bit of TLC will ensure that when your vehicle finally does see that stretched and twisters, it will do so effortlessly. Ford Motor Company South Africa has ten easy tips to help you carry on smoothly from where you left off.

1. Pick a parking spot
Any form of sheltering whether a car port, cover or garage, will help to defend your vehicle against the elements. This will keep it clean, dry and most importantly safe.

2. Wash and wax
Any type of contamination whether it be from clean water to grease and even bird droppings can damage the vehicle’s paint coating. Washing the vehicle thoroughly will remove these annoyances while the wax will seal the coating to protect it from fading.

3. Clean and dehumidify
A clean car is least like to attract insects and animals that could potentially damage your vehicle. Powerless car dehumidifiers fights unwanted moisture that absorb into soft interior materials.

4. Change the oil and oil filter
Oil left in an engine can cause damage and this is why you should contact your preferred Ford dealer after a dormant period (i.e. lockdown) for an oil and filter change. Also keep in mind the other fluids like coolant and brake.

5. Lubricate well
Applying silicone spray to the rubber door and window seals of your vehicle will prevent the rubber from cracking, or sticking to the body of your vehicle, especially during hot weather.

6. Fill the tank
Filling the fuel tank to the brim will help to avoid oxidization and corrosion. It will also keep the seals from drying out.

7. Inflate the tyres
Set the tyre pressure to OEM specification, drive the vehicle until thoroughly warmed, then put it up on “blocks’’ straightaway to take the load off the tyres entirely. A vehicle stationed for a stretched period will receive permanent markings. Alternatively, move the vehicle regularly to redistribute the weight on the tyres evenly.

8. Disengage the parking brake
Leaving your parking brake tied up could possibly lead it to becoming stuck or seized after being parked over time. If you are stationed on a level parking, simply shift your vehicle into Park for automatic transmissions, or engage first gear for manual transmissions.

9. Lift the wiper blades
Place a ball of cloth underneath it so the blades are separated from the windshield. Heat damages wiper blades over time and so reduces wiping reliability.

10. Start your car once a week
Take at least 10 minutes every week to start your vehicle, let the engine idle in order for the oil and other fluids to circulate through the engine. If you do not have a trickle charger, give the engine more time to charge the battery. This will guarantee battery health and an efficient start every time.