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Ford Figo 1.5 Trend Sedan

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In the high-staked segment of budget cars, in order to prevail, you need an amazeballs (excuse my informal language) vehicle I have no doubt in my mind that the new Figo will definitely be selling like the proverbial hotcakes in South Africa. This is why Ford has taken the Figo under the knife and given it not only a sparking appearance but also good offerings. What I like about it is the fact that even though it’s an affordable option, it’s still packed with offerings to give you sufficient buck for your bang.

The Concept

It’s an affordable vehicle option that doesn’t compromise on style or enjoyment. This entry level sedan is multifunctional and will be suitable for young people varying from students to new families. With its individual look and personality, the Figo will appeal to those who like to dabble in a little bit of risk and with its cheeky character I’m sure it will have no problems with following through.

The Look

The newest Figo has a unique design and has a more follow-your-own path vibe rather than its predecessors who had some help and support from the infamous Fiesta. These subtle changes make an evident difference and produces a trend-setting aura to challenge its driver (see why it would appeal to youngsters?). It has a more minimalistic approach with a stylish new honeycomb grille, tweaked bumpers and a few streaks of chrome for a more contemporary, and upbeat appearance. The rear has also seen some changing with chrome detailing and redesigned taillights. It features a set of fog lights not only on the frontend but also in the rear you will also find that the dual exterior mirrors are power adjustable for your convenience. 14-inch Alloys gives it a charming road stance and a white gold colour option on the trend derivative will definitely double the cutesy factor.

The Feel

The interior mimics the outside and has also seen quite a bit of nip and tuck. It’s intuitively and neatly laid out with stylish cloth seating. The driver’s seat is rather comfy with a two-way manual adjustment and the upright seating positions that offers good visibility. A well laid out dashboard is sported with a clean-cut display and a neat instrument panel. It’s spacious for such a vehicle and although it doesn’t offer a 60:40 split, it still has a big 445-litre boot which is not surprising due to its sedan shape. Its simplistic design makes it highly practical and functional vehicle to have which I believe busy student and preoccupied moms will appreciate.

The Features

In terms of music and entertainment- it has Bluetooth Connectivity, USB ports and four speakers. The Figo features the MyFord Dock rather than an infotainment system. It has a docking station for your smartphone conveniently situated on the dash and will be easy to spot when you use your phone’s GPS, it also allows you to charge your phone and it is very user-friendly. A 12V power socket and manual air conditioning can also be found. To ensure that the passengers are safe and secure, the Figo is equipped with driver and passenger airbags, ABS, engine immobilizer, perimeter anti-theft alarm, remote central locking, drive-away locking, power door locks, manual rear door child lock and rear power windows with a child lock.

The Drive

This 1.5-litre labors a good 91kW of power and 150Nm of torque. The fuel consumption is reasonable with a 5.7-litre per 100km figure and this is due to the downsized engine, and a new variable oil pump, but I must admit that my petrol achievements were substantially above the intended number. It has a nimble drive and the five-speed manual transmission only adds to that. Its diminutive size and light steering make piloting and parking rather effortless which gives it an impressed high-five from me. The Figo is an enjoyable vehicle- it has a good drivability and attractive features, and just a general good all-rounder which is why I would gladly recommend it.

Where to find it

If this feisty Figo has caught your eye (and heart), get it now at

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Journalist: Desh Bechan
Transcriber: Nita Stadler
Editor: Pearl Mwale