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The humble contender

The Fiat Tipo isn’t that popular in South Africa, but then again, it has only called our sunny shores home for three years, so let’s give it some time. It was sent out to replace its little sister, the Bravo, with new styling cues and additional features. Modest and humble, the Fiat Tipo was introduced into South Africa with the idea of being a family sedan focused on practicality and convenience.

The Concept

This timid, value for money sedan is suitable for the everyday family who isn’t looking for a fashion statement or Fort Knox on wheels, rather a reliable transporter that will get them from A to B without costing them an arm or a leg. It’s practical, multifunctional and will be perceived as the family’s die-hard.

The Look

As most family sedans that are focused on functionality and budget rather than to ooze charm, the Fiat Tipo is simplistic in its design and it follows the less is more trend. This does not, however, mean that it is basic or unattractive to the eye in any way, shape or form. There are a few Italian accents noticeable on the Tipo to pay tribute to its nationality and its signature flair. The front features an interesting grille design that encases the Fiat badge and is, ah-hum, high-lighted by a stunning set of skinny headlights. The front and rear profit from fog lights for extra illumination while driving in unclear conditions. This Fiat sits on a set of 16-inch alloy wheels that proclaims the vehicle’s practicality and I should also mention the side mirrors that have an electric adjustment as well as heating. I have grown rather fond of the overall modest styling of the Fiat Tipo and think it will also be liked by many moms.

The Feel

For a budget-conscious vehicle, the Fiat Tipo’s interior feels rather high-end. This is due to smart designing and a neat dash layout. It is still function focussed with cloth seats and a spacious interior. Legroom, especially, is commendable in the rear and this is impressive considering that the Tipo has a massive 520–litres of space. This can be upped when you fold the 60:40 splittable seats flat. The driver will enjoy the cushy seats that engulf you as well as a leather-wrapped steering wheel and a fashionable instrument cluster.  Visibility is good thanks to the seating position and sizable windows, which is always a bonus as you won’t be craning your neck to have an eye out for unanticipated hazards such as short walls and skateboards. Something worth noting is the fact that the doors open wide so loading and offloading is much, much more convenient.

The Features

The Tipo leans more towards the affordable spectrum than premium and that’s why it’s rather limited in terms of specs and features. Not to worry! It has all the basic features to provide you with a fun-filled and safe drive, there’s even a bit extra. Listen to your favourite tunes on the road with six speakers and link with the vehicle via Bluetooth Connectivity or USB input. For comfort and convenience, there is Cruise Control, automatic air conditioning and electric windows in the front. An engine immobiliser, auto door lock, ISOFIX child seat anchorage, dual front airbags, Electronic Stability Programme, Hill Holder, a tyre pressure monitoring system and rear parking sensors are all safety specs integrated into the Tip to provide you with a safe drive for you and your passengers - moms will surely appreciate this!

The Drive

Trimmed with a 1.6-litre engine, the Tipo produces 81kW of power and 152Nm of torque which is plenty of performance for daily driving. It has a fuel consumption of 6.3-litres per 100km which is reasonable and it’s also fitted with a six-speed automatic transmission. Thanks to the City function, the steering of the Tipo is feathery and is beneficial when the time comes to squeeze it into tight spots. Furthermore, the suspension was tweaked enough to iron out bumpy rides- it’s not made for crater filled dirt roads but the city’s potholes and mild obstacles here and there will be no match for the Fiat Tipo. It is also rather confident in its road holding capabilities and manoeuvring - this family vehicle is simple and painless and this is why I think it makes an ideal medium-sized family transporter.

Where to find it

If this spacious sedan has caught your eye and you would like to know more about it and its capacious offerings, visit now!

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Journalist: Desh Bechan
 Transcriber: Nita Stadler