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The ultimate city girl
Known for their signature compact vehicles, the Italian brand Fiat can easily be named an expert when it comes to these adorable little city vehicles. From their first - the topolino, or little mouse - to the newest 500 POP STAR, they have kept it simple and straightforward, evidently a successful and rewarding strategy. It’s a perfect metropolitan companion that will definitely be giving you your money’s worth for many years to come, and to me, that sounds like a good deal.

The Concept
This A-segment, city car is perfect for a student who wants to zip in and out of campus roads, or even a business women who offers mobile services, such as beauty and cosmetics. Any lady, however, will enjoy its ability to tuck into small parking spots and save you money at the fuel pumps.

The Look
I had done my fair share of gushing over this little car when I was first introduced to it. Its diminutive stature is complemented by 15-inch alloy glossy silver wheels and the curvaceous roofline gives a spunky and charming physique. The distinctive, adorable headlights highlight its European roots while the chrome grille compliments the sleek front view. Fresh detailing can be found on the inner part of the headlight, and if you look closely you will see it has a 3D effect (poly elliptical headlights) which the kiddies found fascinating. The 500 is also a pioneer and was the first in its segment to feature daytime running lamps, which is testament to Fiat’s revolutionary philosophies - a typical Italian trademark. It is additionally equipped with a follow-me-home feature and fog lights. The taillights are also admirable with a singular ring of lights, providing the vehicle with a unique and distinctive rear profile. A pair of electrically adjustable and painted exterior mirrors are double-purposed to not only frame the petite car rather fashionably, but are also equipped with defrosting and an external temperature sensor for a more enjoyable driving experience. Overall, it’s a car that will appeal to all because it oozes enough classic Italian charm and style for the more conservative to enjoy, but the subtle design updates will also attract the attention of the youthful and young-at-heart.

The Feel
The inside is stylish and well-laid out. I must say that I thought it would be cramped and awkward to sit in, but Fiat has done a wonderful job in designing it in such a manner that even the claustrophobic can find a bit of enjoyment inside. It screams chic, with a leather-wrapped steering wheel and contemporary dashboard. The panoramic sunroof was a bit of a let-down simply for the fact that its ‘fixed’ and this means that you can’t open it; rather, the shade lining inside can slide open or close to bring in some sunny rays. Nevertheless, it’s a vehicle from Italy, so it’s bound to seek those rays, and I must say I did enjoy just that. The windows are also heat-reflecting, which I thought was rather cool, pun intended. It’s also comforting to sit in, thanks to the front seats having memory and adjustments, and the height-adjustable front head restraints, as well as a height-adjustable steering wheel for a comfortable driving position. Visibility is a bit limiting due to the vehicle’s petite stature, which made it rather difficult to see around while sharing the road with larger vehicles.

The Features
The Uconnect™ 5 infotainment system is equipped with Radio LIVE, a dual tuner, a USB port, auxiliary input and Bluetooth connectivity, which can be accessed through the multi-functional steering wheel’s toggles. It has an extensive range of safety features that are certainly not expected to be in a vehicle within this segment, not to mention, this price range. These include Fiat CODE (electronic anti-theft device), driver and passenger airbag with a dual stage system, side airbags, driver’s knee airbag, FPS (Fire Prevention System), a hazard light automatic activation during an emergency braking, a headlight alignment corrector, front seat belts with pretensioners, load limiter, as well as a fastening sensor, front and rear seats that are equipped with anti-submarining crossmember, ISOFIX child seat anchorage, ESC (Electronic Stability Control), MSR, TPMS, ASR and hill-holder function. Furthermore, its bodywork is enforced with high-resistance steel elements for additional protection. It also has many comfort features including a start-stop function, electric windows, central locking, rear parking sensors, a heated rear window and a door opening/closing remote control, as well as air conditioning. The automatic stop-start function will switch off the engine when you come to a halt at a traffic light or in traffic to conserve fuel. Once you remove your foot from the brake pedal, it will spring back to life and continue with the journey.

The Drive
This engine is rather tiny, with only two cylinders. Don’t let that fool you, though, because it can still produce 63kW of power and 145Nm of torque, which in my opinion, is ideal for this car’s purpose. This makes it the perfect city companion with its punchy take-off, ability to easily zip around town and the absolute ease with which it squeezes into even the smallest of parking spots. This I absolutely loved, because it gave me the ability to comfortably nestle the 500 next to an SUV who clearly hadn’t quite mastered the art of parking between the designated lines. It’s also not afraid to tackle the highways and can manage higher speeds too, when I had enough confidence, I found myself overtaking a few of those monstrous SUV’s with a bit of careful planning. Fuel consumption is terrific due to the dual cylinder engine and intuitive technologies such as the stop-start feature, and gives the 500 an amazing claim of just 3.8-litres per 100km. The five-speed transmission is also clean and smooth, just how I like it, and made the overall driving experience pleasant.

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