Torque Tips | Differentiate between a good quality vs low-quality tracking system

Differentiate between a good quality vs low-quality tracking system

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-The good and the bad-

So, the unimaginable has happened - your vehicle has just been stolen. Regardless of taking the necessary steps to install a tracking system into your vehicle, all you are left with is unanswered questions and no results from your tracking company. Left disappointed and hopeless you cancel your contract starting from scratch by replacing your vehicle, after weeks of inconvenience. Your vehicle is one of the most essential possessions you will ever own, and that is why we are discussing the difference between a good quality and low-quality tracking system, to avoid this negative experience.

The sole purpose of a tracking system is to monitor your vehicle, it’s important functions (that include fuel consumption and speed limits), and to keep tabs on where it is, as a precaution and provision for accidents and theft. This will not only help you feel safe and confident every time you get behind the wheel, but to make your life easier in the event of the worst happening.

Quality tracking system:

What specifically qualifies a tracking system to be considered ‘good quality’ is the efficiency of the system in tracking movement at all time, as well as the features it offers the driver, which often includes the following:

-Informing the driver when their vehicle enters or exits a selected boundary known as a ‘geofence’ by means of notifications. The owner of the vehicle can select certain areas in which the vehicle should move safely without notification, for example school, work, gym and home.

-Alerts the driver if the vehicle is driven abnormally, for example exceeding speed limits implemented for the vehicle on the tracking systems settings.

-The tracking system should also have a feature where the driver or owner can pull statistics such as fuel consumption for certain time periods, even dating back. This is so that the driver can better manage their finances and possibly end up saving money in the end.

-Any additional sensors, alarms and cameras are crucial when determining what a quality tracking system includes, as only a few offer these additional features that better everyday life and safety.

-A tracking system that comes equipped with modern features, such as impact notification that sends out your location and accident notification to qualified and professional first responders. Some systems also have a panic button that allows your tracking company to send out authorities to your location so that they can assist, if activated. 

If the tracking system you choose has most of these features installed, you can rest assured that you are making the right decision. For further precautions we advise that our readers always read reviews and complaints about the tracking company and their products and services as they will determine the quality product and service you will receive.

Low-quality tracking system:

In general, it is hard to determine whether a tracking system is low-quality, unless customers complain and it has been proven so. The trouble with cheap and low-quality tracking systems are that they are usually unreliable. They don’t come equipped with essential added or modern tracking features such as impact notification, sensors, accurate location or statistics that are needed in daily for safety especially in the case of an emergency such as vehicle-theft and a vehicle accident. In most cases you will realize that the tracking system does not perform as promised. It is easy to determine a low-quality tracking system by simply reading reviews and complaints about the tracking company, system and services.

We know the sentimental attachment and essential nature of your vehicle, which is why we have shared this tip with you today, so that you may make the best possible choice to protect your interests.

Written by: Ashley Roos