Torque Tips | Dealer and insurance approved panel beaters

Dealer and insurance approved panel beaters

Maintaining originality and manufacturer quality

If you’ve ever been in the situation that you’ve had to opt for less-than-ideal goods due to a tight budget, then this tip is for you. Unfortunately, there is no compromising when it comes to insurance and vehicle repairs, so today we are discussing the importance of using a dealer and insurance approved panel beater.

Most panel beaters in South Africa fall into the private sector, so finding one that is approved by your insurance provider and the brand dealership can be tricky. Panel beaters can be approved by insurance providers and brand dealerships, and usually belong to a specific association. The major association is SAMBRA, The South African Motor Body Repairers Association. About one thousand panel beaters belong to SAMBRA. This association is so large, they have covered about eighty percent of all insured repair claims countrywide. The main question is why it is important to go to an approved panel beater, though, so let’s look at that.

Here are some reasons:

- You are guaranteed quality workmanship when making use of an approved panel beater because they accept full accountability and there is recourse if you are unhappy. They regulate certain standards in their work because they represent that brand or manufacturers, and the insurance provider’s image in a sense when being accredited by them.
- If they are dealer and insurance-approved, you can rest assured that this panel beater enforces ethical behaviour to their clients and ensures that all their workers are well qualified.
- They have negotiated deals with this panel beater, meaning there is an agreement in place that all three parties (individual, insurance provider/brand dealership, and panel beater) are all considered and benefit from.
- Their work also carries a warranty, usually something like one year for parts, and three years for the paint.

When it comes to your vehicle’s insurance, you should know that they have certain panel beaters listed who are authorized to repair the damages on your vehicle. This is done so that they can cover the cost via the original agreement with this panel beater as well as ensuring that it is repaired by someone who will repair it well. This too is to make certain that no additional problems arise down the line that may result in another payout for them. If your vehicle has obtained any damage that needs to be fixed by a panel beater, give your insurer a call first. They will direct you to an insurance-approved panel beater and give the authorization to have it fixed by them.

When it comes to taking your vehicle to a dealer-approved panel beater, this to ensure that when they repair your vehicle, genuine OEM parts will be used when fixing your vehicle. This will guarantee that your vehicle maintains its originality, or in simple terms, your Ford vehicle stays Ford. This protects your brand dealership where you have purchased your vehicle too. They also guarantee a specific amount of time on a part, so when you have it repaired, there’s a better chance that no additional mechanical problems will arise. Most also use a 40-point inspection as one form of quality control, and this is a way to triple-check that their work meets your vehicle’s brand’s precise standards.

We advise that our readers contact their vehicles brand dealership where the vehicle was initially purchased, and insurance provider, to identify the nearest panel beater approved by both, should the need arise.


Written by: Ashley Roos

Edited by: Pearl Mwale