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When the Go arrived on South Africa’s sunny shores way back it was met with severe criticism- it was lacking plenty of safety features and buyers were a wee bit concerned. Fast-forward a few years and they’re ready to tackle this connotation with enhanced safety features, a CVT and a can-do attitude. I must admit that after having my turn at it and becoming quite intimate with it, Datsun has thoroughly convinced me of this new Go.

The Concept                      

This budget car is compact and its fuel consumption is excellent, making it an ideal for a student or even a young couple ready to tackle the city and its challenges. Although it’s a bit pricier than your average budget car, it’s sure to give you bang for your buck. Its easy drivability makes it ideal for younger, less experienced drivers who still need to build up confidence behind the wheel and it up to date  infotainment system and stylish looks means it will keep them comfortable and looking the part until they reach that pro-driver status.

The Look

The Datsun Go has been designed to be something worth looking at. I absolutely love its spunky look and feisty nature. Its chrome hexagon-styled grille is unique and iconic to ensure it will be noticed around town and I think it’s rather suited for such an endearing little vehicle. The Halogen headlights are enhanced with LED, Daytime Running Lights and a follow me home feature. 14-inch Diamond Cut alloys adds some flare to the Go by elevating its road stance and giving it an overall sporty look to proclaim its enthusiasm to tackle the urban jungle. It also has Speed-Sensitive Intermittent Wipers and Electrically Adjustable Door Mirrors for more convenience behind the wheel. I am quite impressed by the Datsun Go’s look as it is fresh, funky and will definitely be attractive to younger buyers and furthermore it creates a stir by bringing something different to the motoring market.

The Feel

In efforts to keep the vehicle’s price low for it to keep its budget car title, Datsun had to compromise somewhere and that was with the interior- no matter how hard they tried, hard plastics and unflattering finishes were still spotted throughout the cabin. They did, however, sprues things up with cross pattern seating and a blue lit speedometer cluster. The dashboard is in textured material to enhance the cabin’s feel but I must say that it did little to distract me from the lack of steering wheel toggles. Buyers will be pleased to know that the Go has 265-litres of boot space which is ample for such a small vehicle but this is only when the rear seats are folded and it doesn’t split so be sure to know that versatility is limited in the rear, as well. So yes, you will fit all your boxes in when relocating (once again marketed towards younger buyers who have lesser possession and smaller furniture to cramp in at campus housing) but you will have to phone a friend with those bulky and weirdly shaped items. Overall, the cabin isn’t particularly bad, but to the person who prioritises safety over convenience and who don’t care about the feel of a doorpad, it won’t be a bother.

The Features

The 7-inch touchscreen infotainment system is equipped with Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, a USB port, auxiliary input, radio, Bluetooth Connectivity, front speakers and a 12V power socket. The absence of the multifunctional steering wheel was once again noticed here but the display was intuitive and user-friendly so I let it slide rather swiftly. To hype it up more, the Go also has an Electronic Fuel Gauge, Gear Shift Guide, air conditioning and electric windows all round. Datsun has done a great deal to enhance the Go (considering the first model in South Africa had been bare-boned) and has also integrated it with a driver and passenger airbag, ABS, Vehicle Dynamic Control, an engine immobiliser, Central Locking and Reverse Parking Sensors. Furthermore, Datsun has fought many fires regarding safety by supporting the doors, roof and front with high-tensile steel to protect passengers in the event of a collision. I would say that the brand is cruising up the road of redemption quickly and successfully.

The Drive

This 1.2-engine produces 50kW of power and 104Nm of torque and the CVT derivative which I tried out has an additional 7kW of oomph. Its fuel consumption is also lower than the manual with a 5.0-litre per 100km but I think they were a bit enthusiastic with this number but considering my driving style, my earnings were notably higher. Then again, the engine was much gutsier than I anticipated so I guess the fuel usage is understandable. The CVT version is a pleasure to pilot- its smooth and consistent in its performance output which I like, it’s a great vehicle for city driving and cruising around town. I did notice a bit of body roll when going through corners but this won’t be a problem in the city and I must say that the metropolitan cruising was additionally improved by the light steering, parking and squeezing into tight spaces was easy-peezy. Overall I must say I am very impressed with new Datsun Go and how far they went to make the Go a true contender in the market and a genuine bang-for your-buck vehicle.

Where to find it

If this gleeful Go has caught your eye and you would like to know more about it or own it for yourself, visit now!

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Journalist: Desh Bechan
Transcriber: Nita Stadler