Torque Tips | Dangers of modifying your vehicles engine

Dangers of modifying your vehicles engine

Dangers of modifying your vehicles engine
think twice for the sake of future satisfaction You’re always keen for a good buy, whether it’s a new bag or a pair of comfy and stylish stilettos, but your best buy yet would definitely be your striking red little hatchback. It’s everything you wanted, of course there’s always room for improvement and these improvements come in the form of vehicle modifications. You wish to add your own personal touch to your new perky pair of wheels in terms of aesthetics and performance. We are here to discuss some negatives or dangers of modifying your vehicle, especially your engine.

Here are some points to take into consideration before making any modifications:

- Insurance:
When you had your vehicle insured it had all its genuine OEM parts and your insurer insured it as such. The moment you make any modifications to your vehicles’ engine or any mechanical related modifications, maybe for better performance, you should be aware that the moment you do, your insurance provider won’t pay out if you’ve been in a vehicle accident. There are ways around this like taking out a full coverage to those who want to modify your vehicles engine. This modifications needs to be disclosed and discussed with your insurer first. You will also have to take into consideration that by doing this your risk factor will increase and so will your insurance premium.

- Warranty and service plans:
When you buy a new vehicle, it comes with a warranty and most modern vehicles also come with a standard service plan, which you have paid for knowingly or unknowingly, chances are these modifications will mean goodbye to these perks. Ford and Volkswagen South Africa have admitted that engine or mechanical related modifications will penalize you from your motor plans offered by them along with your vehicle warranty in most cases, because modifications usually tend to cause other problems in your engine. They also don’t endorse any modification companies in South-Africa, they wish for your vehicle to keep its originality capabilities and parts as designed and bought.

- Reliability:
Modifications on your vehicle mechanically, usually result in long term implications, because any modification made on your engine will place extra strain on its original components or the fact that the motor will have to work harder to accommodate and get familiar with these modifications and aftermarket parts. For e.g. when an individual puts a turbo in your vehicle, this may cause your piston rings to wear out much sooner than designed. Some individuals will maybe make a small modification such as removing your air filter for more air flow maybe but this also means that dust and dirt particles will pull into your motors combustion chamber, sticking to the cylinder sleeves also causing excessive wear on your pistons.)
Professionals, your insurer and dealership advices that you only modify your vehicles exterior and interior such as a new flashing set of rims, doing a legal window tinting or even having a ceramic coating applied to your vehicle, anything that do not chance or alter any of its functions such as wiring etc., it is better to steer clear from probing beneath your bonnet.

Remember that engine modifications and performance enhancers are always fun to have and cause a hefty hype, but they cause harm in the long run. After all if you invest so much time and effort into your vehicle do modifications that please all parties and benefit you in the end.

Written by: Ashley Roos
Edited by: Pearl Mwale