Torque Tips | Dangers of delaying minor body repairs at a panel beater

Dangers of delaying minor body repairs at a panel beater

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Statistics in South Africa prove that more than thirty-five percent of vehicles have some sort of exterior damage to their bodywork, and with the current economical state in South-Africa, we also understand why you might want to turn a blind eye to it. Damages to your vehicle's bodywork can happen due to an accident, a fender bender, or inevitably from rain, age, and on-going sun exposure. The fact remains that whatever the cause is, it cannot be ignored indefinitely, so today we are sharing a few dangers that you will be faced with if you do.

If you delay or ignore the type of damage mentioned above, it can cause a ripple effect and gradually develop into more noticeable and severe problems. This includes:

Additional chipping:
When your vehicle has a dent, the paint layers themselves are cracked – the paint sealant or the clear coat can no longer protect the paintwork, and thus the elements, rain, and other chemicals can corrode, chip, or crack it further. This kind of damage may even spread to other areas of the body work.

Severe sun exposure:
South African love a beautiful, hot summer’s day, but if your vehicle has any dent or chip, it probably disagrees. This severe heat will cause the dent to deteriorate faster and even develop into a bigger problem, as it speeds up the fading and deterioration of your vehicle's paintwork.

If your vehicle has any exposed or broken paintwork, then you should expect rust to occur if left unattended. Exposed metal is just that – exposed to natural elements that will cause rust sooner than you would like.

The implication and repercussions of ignoring and delaying body repair are the following:

Value of your vehicle:
A dent, chip, or rust can have a negative impact on the value of your vehicle for resale. No one wants to buy a vehicle with exterior damage to it. Your vehicle may sell for much less because of dents, chips, or rust on its bodywork. It also creates a perceived lack of care, so potential buyers will be more eager to negotiate a cheaper price.

Obviously a dent, chip, or rust will create a negative perspective of your vehicle from others. The way your vehicle looks might also be a magnet to metro officers on the road, by simply having a glance at your vehicle's appearance they will suspect other problems with your vehicle too and be much more likely to pull you over.

If you notice any of these potential damages to your vehicle's bodywork, we recommend that you consult a panelbeater sooner rather than later. Rather spend a small amount of money now and save some hard-earned money in the future - in fact, a good-looking vehicle might even score you a few bucks if you decide to sell it in the next few years.