Breaking News | Covid-19 increases vehicle travel internationally and nationally 

Covid-19 increases vehicle travel internationally and nationally 

As we’ve been slowly easing out of strict lockdown regulations, more and more individuals are returning to work and school under another set of rules to help prevent the rapid spread of COVID-19. Although this has a positive impact on our economy, individuals who normally use public transportation are looking at safer alternatives to better avoid the risk of acquiring COVID-19 irrespectively. 

If we have a look at some international public transportation statistics we can see a significant decrease in the use of busses, trains and trams. In the UK the percentage of public transportation has plummeted in the first week of lockdown by a noticeable ten per cent. When comparing this drastic fall to mobile vehicle transportation in the same week we can see that the decrease is not as severe, mobile vehicle transportation has decreased by twenty-two per cent in the first week and has steadily increased since. We see the same effect globally including in South Africa. 

Whereas public transportation increases the risk of COVID-19 infection, due to the number of individuals in the same enclosed space, your vehicle offers you a COVID-19 free bubble. This realisation has convinced many individuals to opt for mobile vehicle transportation as the most effective alternative. In fact, in Germany, the percentage of mobile vehicle travel has increased by an impressive thirty-four per cent since the beginning of lockdown. Others whose income has been drastically reduced due to lockdown and who can’t afford to buy a vehicle so suddenly, have chosen to walk and cycle to work instead which have had a strenuous impact on dealerships in Europe, the same pattern is being followed by our local dealers.  

Many presume that this will alter the transportation means of many in the future and inspire a permanent change and so we should stay optimistic in this trying times. 

Written by: Ashley Roos