Breaking News | Continental tyres safe Summer Driving tips on how to best get your vehicle in Shape during coronavirus times

Continental tyres safe Summer Driving tips on how to best get your vehicle in Shape during coronavirus times

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Keep a safe distance and minimize physical contact- as the most infamous advice during the coronavirus pandemic.

As most individuals use their own personal vehicles to get to and from many other still rely on public transport to get around, if so then it is strongly advised that you adhere to the COVID-19 health rules and regulations by wearing your mask at all times and sanitise your hands and anything and everything you touch, to better ensure your safety against this severe virus.

For the very first time since the beginning of the COVID-19 national lockdown, inter-provincial travel is lawfully permitted for a while now. Things such as long trips for business or holiday purposes is suspected to increase considerably. Summer is around the corner and so it means that the time of family getaways and vacations is nearing, unfortunately, the severity of the coronavirus is still a big issue and risk we all face, thus why international travel is still prohibited, so most have and will turn to local and national destinations as their preferred choice to visit and spend quality time together. This then also means that it is the ideal time to properly prep your vehicle for the upcoming summer.

Tyre pressure and thread depth:

You must regularly check your tyres, especially when it is cold (first thing in the morning) along with the thread depth that is a key factor in tyre safety and yours as well. The legal limit of your tyres depth in South Africa is 1 mm. Continental experts on the other hand recommend that you change your tyres as soon as they reach a 3mm depth. Then there is the matter of tyre pressure, make sure that they are at a legal and safe tyre pressure level.

Continental has run tests that revealed that running tyres at just 0.4 bar below the suggested pressure can decrease the service life, along with the mileage of a tyre by one third. Then, of course, you shouldn’t forget to adjust your tyre pressure according to the load (the whole family, the caravan or trailer etc.)

Facemasks and disinfectant and remember to make a stop at the nearest repair workshop

It’s always important to get a second opinion especially that of a professional and qualified technician. Make a stop at a local car dealer or repair shop for a throughout check-up of your vehicle is important too: oil level, lights, battery, breaks, the windshield washer/wiper system and coolant should all be inspected.

The infamous BestDrive stores countrywide are also fully equipped to maintain your vehicle in a top-quality condition, this will include the trying and fitment of your vehicles brakes, shock absorbers, batteries, exhausts and a wide range of other vehicle accessories.

When you go remember social distancing, you can also expect long queues or delayed bookings since only a hand full of their staff is allowed to work. It is therefore advised that you make an appointment in advance to avoid this.

Not only should you remember to keep a safe distance but you need to your face mask at all times and sanitize regularly while you are in the workshop.

New coronavirus-led rules for inspections and warranty cover

Multiple manufacturers have delayed the original and extended warranties promised on new vehicles since customers have recently been unable to visit authorised workshops to have repairs carried out. Continental advises that you contact your vehicle dealer if your vehicle has reached its distance or time limits for its scheduled services, also if maintenance or warranty work needs to be completed – especially if the standard or extended warranty, service plan or maintenance plan is about to expire, or lapsed during the Level 5 and Level 4 of the COVID-19 lockdown. It’s vital to know that manufacturers’ standard terms remain for services, maintenance plans and warranties outside of this timeframe – so don’t be guilty of being caught out with your vehicle’s cover lapsing as a result of exceeding these limits.