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The French cousin

French vehicles have a way of captivating you and swiftly stealing your heart without you even noticing. This is exactly what the Citroen C3 did to me- I didn’t even realise how quickly I became attached to the vehicle until I had to hand the keys back to the friendly salesman and a bittersweet feeling started to rush through my veins.

The Concept      

The Citroen C3 or C3 Shine to be specific is an edgy little vehicle ideal for the city runner who likes to create a buzz around town. It has plenty of personality and I have no doubt in my mind that it will capture many hearts, just like it did mine. This compact hatchback will hijack your heart within the wink of an eye.

The Look

The C3 Shine is a vehicle that will not blend in a parking lot- of that I am convinced after my test drive. It demands attention with its instantly identifiable looks and characteristic charm. With bubbly curves, bold detailing and a funky fresh design, the C3 will captivate its audience. It’s jam-packed with French flair- from intricate detailing in the LED headlights (it has DRL, by the way) to the uniquely designed 3D effect rear lights. In between, you will find more stunning features like dual tone accents and noticeable air bumps on the side. These air bumps have been integrated into the exterior of the C3 not only for cosmetics but for purpose as well- these air bumps act as tiny air pockets and protects the vehicle from minor denting and scuffing. Citroen has also thrown some charm into the mix by coating them in either red or white, this depends on what colour mood you want. So enticing!

The Feel

The first thing that stood out about the C3’s inside was the door handles; unique and completely different from the norm, the C3 has strap-like handles instead of the traditional lever handles that are integrated into the door panel. This might be a small change but it is an example of how this vehicle, with its funky fresh design, is ready to make waves and set trends. This design idea is only furthered with stylish red accents proudly integrated throughout the cabin. Overall, the cabin of the C3 Shine shines with a trademark character that is sure to charm many with its extravagant ways.

The Features

The infotainment system is a wee bit delayed but it makes up with the fact that it has smartphone compatibility. You will be sure to be jamming to your favourite songs while sauntering around town with the windows down. Speaking of windows, these are electric and contribute to the comfort of the cabin. Other nifty features to mention in the C3 are Lane Departure Warning, Cruise Control with a speed limiter, Hill Start Assist, Driver Attention Warning and even a reminder that alerts you to pull over and take a breather, adorably named a Coffee Break Alert so that you don’t forget to catch that good cup of Joe!

The Drive

Known for their tiny city sneakers, the French have nailed the design of small vehicles that are easy to manoeuvre around narrow roads. The C3 has clearly been under the design of these magical engineering hands as it excels in this department. It’s easy to park and easy to direct, it has no problem to make a quick U-turn if needs be. The 1.2-litre PureTech Turbo engine is a wee bit noisy but this is only noticeable when you stand outside the vehicle as the cabin has been insulated properly. The final tick behind the C3 checklist is the fuel consumption, it is a thick red YES from me, this Citroen uses an average of 6.8-litres per 100km fuel.

Where to find it

If this cute C3 has you intrigued by its vibrant persona, visit now!

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Journalist: Desh Bechan
Transcriber: Nita Stadler