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Chery sees success, not only in China

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The Chery brand has done it again- it has taken the title, for the 18th time, as the best in sales among all the Chinese passenger vehicle brands. Chery has exported 114 000 units, this means they have increased their year on year by 18.7-percent. All of this success is accredited to the continued development of their international product.

An example of this is the launch of the new star models, the Arrizo 5, Tiggo 5x, Tiggo 7 and New Tiggo 8, of which the Tiggo 8 is seen as the Best SUV of 2020 by UOL in Brazil. It has seen a monthly sale of more than 1000 units in only 4 months since its launch.

111 443 Tiggo 8’s have been sold internationally in 2020, meaning it has increased 823.3-percent year by year.

Chery is also a leader in innovative technologies, the brand has applied for 20,794 patents and obtained 13,153, giving them the lead in China?s automobile industry. Furthermore, Chery is in the top 20 and first in China when talking about the composite patent index of ICVs. Two examples of their intuitive designs are the 1.6TGDI engine (one of the "China Heart" Ten Best Engines) and the 1.5TCI+9CVT+48V light hybrid turbo charger system which made headlines wherever it went.

Chery accomplishes its community duty, build plants internationally and assist with local welfares. During the 2020 global pandemic, the brand delivered more than 3.6 million pieces of medical supplies. The brand also delivered foreign countries with anti-epidemic knowledge and philanthropic assistance.

In 2020 at the Summit on the Global Image of Chinese Enterprises Chery was acknowledged to be in the “Top 20 Chinese Enterprises with the Best Global Image" ("Belt and Road" Edition) and had advanced into the final 10 with other enterprises such as Huawei, Lenovo and Alibaba.

Chery is also streamlining operations internationally and is establishing global R&D and sales service systems. This is to support product localization in strategic markets. They have already established five R&D bases, ten overseas plants and more than 1,500 dealers and service outlets globally. In total, international production has seen 200,000 units per year.

In 20 years, Chery has spread its wings and not only introduced itself to different markets but it made itself a household name. With over 1.7-million in exports to over 80 countries, Chery has firmly established itself as an international brand while simultaneously winning the hearts of citizens.