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Not too well known in South Africa, the Changan brand has to still prove itself to many. I think that it will certainly be a controversial topic due to many fearing for the unknown but not to worry, so far it?s doing good for itself. This is because of its insanely reasonable price tag, it is so economical that it is situated in a spot in the market with almost no competitors- buyers will either have to settle for a smaller vehicle or pay a considerably larger amount of money for a van which will also cause sulking.

The Concept

This minivan is such a versatile vehicle and that?s, in my opinion, one of its strong points. It can be used for just about anyone in any facet of life, but I think those who will benefit from it the most will be moms transporting larger families. The Changan being a 7-seater and is easy to drive makes for a great city shuttle bus. Moms will also appreciate its affordability as they don?t always have extra cash laying around and need to save every bit for school fees and such.

The Look

Firstly, it is clear in the physique of the Changan that it is function focussed- it?s elevated but slender, this physical appearance I find to be adorable. There is also a petite grille guard in the front for additional protection, so if a bumper bash should occur, you will be a-okay. In the front, you will find a big black bumper, a tidy grille and two endearing headlights. These headlights are upswept and are in my opinion a perfect finish to the front of the vehicle. The minivan also has two sliding doors for more convenient loading and offloading as well. Overall, the Changan is, in my opinion, a charming little minivan and yes there are a few budget-conscious indicators but that will only be noticed by the keen eye and not every onlooker. Besides, it is a low-priced vehicle, so firstly is rather impressive what you get for your money?s worth and secondly, it?s understandable if there is a plastic cover here and there.

The Feel

The inside of this minivan is also utility-centred but what I like about it is the fact that it is neatly laid out so the cabin always feels clean and airy. The driver seat is rather comfortable and legroom is decent so you don?t have to worry of your knees coming to your ears when changing a gear. A neatly designed fascia and durable materials all contribute to the vehicle?s utility status. I think the materials used on the seat are a smart move on the manufacturer?s part as now it will be extremely easier to clean up spills and stains caused by the kiddies. Its boot, no let me rather say loading area, is large with –litres and this means that all of the children?s school bags can be loaded and there even be a little bit of leftover space for additional luggage. Something interesting to note of the Changan is the fact that it has vents fixed onto the roof of the vehicle just behind the first row of seats. I must admit that I quite like this fixture as the Changan can now blast cold or hot air throughout the cabin for all the passengers to enjoy.

The Features

In terms of specs and entertainment, it is a budget-conscious offering. It does, however, have a few features such as air conditioning and heating (so dad can stop making that terrible joke of rolling the window down and that being the air-con cause this vehicle has one), two speakers and a radio as well as an auxiliary port to ensure some fun. To protect the vehicle from being stolen, the Changan is also fitted with a steering anti-theft lock. The Changan is a multifunctional vehicle and has all the necessary features to have you driving comfortably and with peace of mind in your day-to-day.

The Drive

With a 1.3–litre engine, the Changan produces 72kW of power and 119Nm of torque. This means it has enough performance for city driving and if you?re a soccer mom who always prefers to play it safe, this is exactly what you are looking for. It has a fuel consumption of 6.5-litre per 100km which is rather impressive and will be dearly appreciated by said mom because taking care of that many kids can be a daunting, and expensive, task. The Changan comes with a 5-speed manual transmission for light and effortless driving in the city. Something that had every one of my passengers giggling when I test drove the Changan was the fact of how easy it is to park the vehicle due to its unusual proportions. Its narrow dimensions mean that it can squeeze into even the tiniest of parking spots, just one more worry for mom to throw out of the window. Overall, the Changan minivan makes out to be a solid vehicle with plenty of room for the kiddies and the fact that it has a very attractive price tag hooked onto the side mirror is just a bonus.

Where to find it

If this multipurpose mommy van has you intrusted in its copious amount of space and other gorgeous offerings, visit today!

Journalist: Desh Bechan
Transcriber: Nita Stadler