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Basic maintenance to do yourself

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As women, we simply love doing all sorts of craft and DIY projects ourselves, for the sole reason of exercising our creativity – saving money is an added bonus. You can do some DIY maintenance on your vehicle so that you can save a few Rands and cents, too. You don’t need to be much mechanically inclined to change your air filter, windshield wipers, or spark plugs. It won’t take you that long to complete either. Women-Torque will give you a detailed explanation on how to pull this off.

Air Filter:

You will need to replace your air filter once a year, or approximately every twenty thousand kilometres. Replacing your air filter will take a good ten to fifteen minutes to complete.

-If you are unsure where it is located, look under the vehicle’s bonnet - you will find it in a black rectangular box that has metal clips on the side. If you don’t see it, revert to your vehicle’s owner’s manual for a diagram.
-Once you open the casing of the air filter, note how it is fitted inside and which way it faces, then remove the worn air filter. Slip in the new filter exactly the way you noted – sometimes it helps to take a picture with your phone.
-Remember to ensure that the metal clips are closed.

Wiper Blades:

Wipers are rarely replaced by motorists simply because they don’t really pay attention to it. It is important to replace them yearly, though, so that they do not deteriorate over time and end up damaging your windscreen. You also need optimal vision and wiper functionality at all times. Changing these is a simple task and relatively cheap. Your wiper blade setup differs from vehicle to vehicle. Revert to your vehicle’s owner’s manual if you are unsure. The process of changing your windscreen wipers is similar to changing your air filter.

-Firstly, lift the brackets away from your windscreen. Then, remove the old blades. You will have to remember how the old blades are connected to the metal arms of your windscreen wiper. Nearly all models have a tab under the wiper that you will have to push to remove the old blades.
-If you are uncertain how the new blades are supposed to fit onto the wiper, just read the instructions or look at the diagram on the packaging of your new blades. Then you will need to attach the new blades to the windscreen wiper arm. Be cautious when doing this so that you don’t scratch your windscreen in the process.
-Make sure that your new wiper blades are tightly inserted and are secure before lowering the brackets back to the window.

Spark Plugs:

You will need a ratchet, a socket extension, and a spark plug socket. You will need to replace your spark plugs once you have exceeded forty-thousand kilometres. Changing your sparks plugs will require more time and patience, but shouldn’t take more than thirty minutes. How many spark plugs you find are based on the number of cylinders your vehicles have. Four cylinders are equal to four spark plugs.

-Start by removing the wire to the spark plug one spark plug at a time. They are installed in a particular order that you will have to follow when replacing them, using the socket and ratchet.
-You may then install the new spark plug; remember to first screw it in by hand as much as you can and secure it with the torque wrench. It is not necessary to over-tighten it. 
-After you are done you can re-attach the wiring to the spark-plug. Repeat these steps for each spark plug.

Maintenance on your vehicle can become pricy, but these tips today are for minor maintenance concerning your vehicle. Applying these tips will not only reduce the risk of a serious problem arising, but also improves the quality of your drive.

Written by: Ashley Roos