Breaking News | Auto Shanghai receives an enlightenment on Chery’s EXEED

Auto Shanghai receives an enlightenment on Chery’s EXEED

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Modernization is part of growth and has become the newest trend in vehicles and vehicle technology. The Chery brand has been following this course passionately and this was only furthered by a recent revealing. Armed with ‘Extremely Intelligent’ products, the brand insists that they ae going to provide consumers with an enhanced traveling experience when presenting the new EXEED models to the public at Auto Shanghai.

With a new ‘co-creation? program, the brand wishes to unite Stellar owners, motor enthusiasts and cross-border professionals for an improved experience for owners of the EXEED and with the support of the already established Chery, they will surely be successful.

EXEED showcases the “4F” concept which comprehends intuitive travel in the yet-to-come. The “Yao Guang” is the first star of the “Big Dipper” is known for directing people in ancient China. With this vision going forth, EXCEED plans on continuous progression with no hesitance.

With a brand new design, great efficiency, and low fuel usage (thank you GDI engine and super four-wheel drive), success is almost guaranteed. Selectable driving modes, Level 4 automatic driving, and supports FOTA updates makes this vehicle stand out from the rest. We can wait to see what is in store for this brand in the upcoming months.