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Audi RS5 Coupe Quattro

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For those who prefer to thrive on adrenaline

What a vehicle! The Audi RS5 is, in layman’s terms, a hot ride. With an impressive record when it comes to manufacturing performance coupes, Audi knew that they would be heading straight to success when introducing the first RS on an A5. The gamble paid off with great success- the Audi RS range has spread like wildfire. I had the fortunate opportunity to test drive one myself and can now eagerly report why it is such a fantastic ride!

The Concept

If you’re an executive with a spunky side ready to be unleased, the RS5 is ideal for you. Its suited for the woman who is constantly seeking her next adrenaline pumped adventure and I’m positive that with the RS5 that will surely be the case, even if you’re just going to the shop for a bit of groceries. This Coupe cannot be tamed and that’s why it needs a similar type of woman to fuel it.

The Look

So if there was ever a physical form of attractive it would have four wheels, a curvy body and a small RS badge on its rear, well that’s in my opinion. The Audi RS5 drips with   swagger that creates a confident aura for the vehicle and this is due to large air intakes and prominent wheel arches. It screams sexy and racy with its 20–inch wheels and sporty fascia. Matrix LED headlights are also to be found and with the RS bumpers and RS scuff plates, they create a seriously playful appearance for the vehicle. Let’s not forget to mention the Aluminium styling package that adorns the RS5 in gorgeous detailing. The Audi RS 5 is a stunning vehicle to look at and you are assured of plenty of envious gazes if you decide to buy one for yourself.

The Feel

The moment you jump in and close the door you know you’re ready… for what exactly is still to be decided but you’ll definitely be prepared for whatever is to come. This is due to this Audi’s smartly designed interior and luxurious materials that provide you with an almost unhealthy amount of confidence. Everything inside the RS is contoured and shaped to create a smooth and even flowing interior. Curved seats and a smooth dashboard is harmonised and with leather, honey comb designed seating and soft dashboard coverings, everything you touch feels soft and luxurious.

The interior quite practical and the large cabin does wonders with providing head, knee and legroom for all to enjoy. Front passengers can also find some delight in pneumatically adjustable lumbar support with a massage feature. The overall feel of the Audi RS 5’s cabin is that of grandeur and athleticism and this is due to a good blend of both- an example of this is how the Aluminium Race inserts are complimented by multicolour contour ambient lighting.

The Features

The infotainment system is equipped with a Bang & Olufsen Premium Sound with 3D Audi connect Car2X and Infotainment services, Audi smartphone interface, navigation and MMI Navigation plus with MMI touch. For comfort, convenience and to elevate the overall luxurious feel of the cabin (as if it’s not already impressive just by itself), there is a three zone automatic air conditioning system, a virtual cockpit, comfort key, Cruise Control and many, many other features. ABS, EBD, Brake Assist, Traction Control, Stability Control Audi pre-sense rear and basic, Lane Change Assistant and a rear view camera system are only a few of the safety features that can be found in the RS5. Audi always goes the extra mile to provide their clients with ultimate satisfaction and this is due to advanced features and intuitive technologies which are all listed in the new RS 5.

The Drive

Underneath the attractive bonnet lies a 2.9–litre TSFI engine that allows it to produce 331kW of power and 600Nm of torque. Its lighter and that means it’s more agile, it has better handling and is also easier on the juice which is always a plus. Performance is fantastic, the RS5 can reach 100km/h from standstill in a mere 3.9 seconds and thanks to Quottro technology, handling these speeds will be child’s play. Power is sent to the wheels via an 8 speed tiptronic transmission and thanks to the RS sports suspension and RS sports exhaust system, this Audi is not only ready to rumble but its more than capable to do (and will certainly) that. I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed my time behind the wheel of this beaut, she’s exactly the type of vehicle that I would recommend for the spirited woman, just be sure to strap yourself in and to hold on to you hats, because you’re in for a wild ride.

Where to find it

If this racy RS has caught your eye and you would like to try the vroom-vroom yourself, visit now!

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Journalist: Desh Bechan
Transcriber Nita Stadler