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Audi A3 1.4 TFSI Sportback

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A premium forerunner

As a class leader in luxury and refinement, Audi is a well-known and dearly loved brand in South Africa and rightfully so, the German manufacturer has been in the game for over a hundred years. With a resilient design identity and plenty of state of the art technologies, Audi vehicles are set apart from other vehicles found on South African roads. In my opinion, the A3 has set the standard when it comes to small premium vehicles in terms of looks, features and drivability, let’s find out why.

The Concept

The A3 is ideal for someone who wants to make a statement when arriving, one who leads a dynamic lifestyle and needs a vehicle that will keep up or the person who needs a practical vehicle that will guarantee them of a terrific trip each time they get behind the wheel. As a practical and multifunctional vehicle, the A3 will also excel with medium sized families and with its quality makeup and materials you are assured of true value for money when purchasing this vehicle.

The Look

As any other Audi, this A3 is something to admire and marvel at when passing it by. It has a muscular design to it which blend seamlessly in with the vehicle’s attitude and driving style. With the iconic grille, a curvaceous bonnet and distinctive Xenon headlights the front of the A3 is a proud representation of the four German rings’ finesse. Speaking of the stunning headlights, the pair found here is also enhanced with LED and Daytime Running for additional illumination and visibility. A sporty set of 17-inch alloys has been added onto the A3 to not only elevate it from the ground but also to highlight its boastful and proud look. The athletic appearance of the A3 is emphasized with 3D taillights and an extended diffuser so, in other words, the rear matches the front’s alluring look. Overall, the A3 is a striking vehicle that oozes charm and appeal and I think this only one of the reasons why it’s admired by South Africans and how can it not when it comes in alluring colours such as Nano grey, Mythos black, Navarra blue, Ara blue, Tango red, Vegas yellow and as an Audi exclusive- Solar Orange.

The Feel

Hop inside and the luxury continuous with a clean-cut dashboard, quality materials and strategic designing. Leather and suede cloth combination seats are comfortable and swallow you  almost as if to say get ready and strap yourself in because we’re going for a ride, no pun intended. The driver will benefit from the comfortable seating position which helps dearly with visibility on the road considering the C-pillars are a bit on the wider side. You will also enjoy leather cladding on the steering wheel and gear knob.

An extended wheelbase work wonders in providing all the passengers with enough room to move around and not invade each other’s personal space because we all know how picky kiddies can be about that. This is also rather impressive considering it has a large 380-litre boot (which can also extend to 1220-litres when the rear seats are folded for additional cargo capacity when needed). Overall, I think that Audi has yet again, achieved success with the cabin of the A3 as I could not find any fault at all and on the contrary, I’m certain that the driver and passengers will enjoy every moment in this cheeky vehicle.

The Features

The intuitive MMI infotainment system has all the latest connectivity and smartphone interface features to provide you with an enjoyable and entertaining driving experience. It’s easy to use thanks to a high resolution display, handwriting recognition and the multifunctional steering wheel and on-board computer once again remind you of German excellence. A premium sound system also promises of an unmatched audio experience when you are belting out your favourite 80’s tunes (don’t lie, we all listen to them). Remote central locking, Climate Control, Cruise Control, Electric Mirrors, front and rear electric windows and rear park distance control all contribute to guarantee the driver as well as the passengers with utmost comfort and convenience when traveling in this beaut. ABS, EBD, seven airbags, Active Stability Control, Brake Assist and Electronic Stability Programme are all but a few safety features found in the A3. With a perfect blend of comfort features and a bucket full of safety features you can rest assured, knowing that every single trip will be a good one, and luckily the A3 as all of this and even a little bit more.

The Drive

This 1.4-litre engine generates 110kW of power and 250Nm of torque which is a healthy amount of performance and so promises a terrific driving experience in the city. In this Audi, you will also find a seven speed automatic dual clutch transmission which is certainly enjoyable in the metropolitan areas with its constant stop and go in traffic but this does also increases fuel consumption a wee bit. Not to worry, it’s still financially acceptable at 6.0-litres per 100km so your wallet won’t be in a constant wail. This is thanks to intuitive tech such as “cylinder-on-demand” (COD) that switches two cylinders off when they aren’t needed, smart hey? Overall if you’re looking for a quality-built city trekker with a feisty attitude but smooth drive, the Audi A3 Sportback is in my opinion, your best bet with its spirited engine, easy handling and sure-footed nature.

Where to find it

If the active A3 has stolen your heart and you want to call it yours or you simply would just like to find out more about it, visit now!

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Journalist: Desh Bechan
Transcriber: Nita Stadler