Breaking News | A new high-tech warehouse in Linbro Park for Mahindra

A new high-tech warehouse in Linbro Park for Mahindra

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Mahindra South Africa opened a new national parts warehouse in Linbro Business Park in Johannesburg. This warehouse is 30-percent bigger than the Jet Park warehouse and features a new shelving system to optimize space. It also has a cutting edge tracing system that allows for real-time tracking of all parts to provide staff with an efficient, totally paperless working environment.

“Mahindra has been recognised as the fastest-growing volume brand for two of the last three years as we welcomed a record number of new owners to the fold. This growth in our vehicle parc and the rapid increase in franchised dealers have necessitated the larger warehouse,” says Rajesh Gupta, CEO of Mahindra South Africa.

“The new warehouse has been designed to significantly speed up our order filling and dispatch process. As all parts are tracked and dispatched electronically, we are able to fill orders much faster than before and ship them within hours of receipt,” says Rajesh.

Since the trial period started in November 2020, over 33 000 parts lines have been transported from Jet Park in the evenings to be available the next day for interruption-free dealer delivery. Mahindra has

“When we opened our vehicle assembly facility in Durban, we said that South Africa is Mahindra’s second home outside India and an important springboard to the rest of the continent. Our subsequent investments have underscored this commitment and placed us in a perfect position to grow further.”