Power and Beauty Combined

The German masters at Mercedes-Benz are well known for creating superior vehicles, and when it comes to the sport-focused AMG brand, there’s so much to talk about. We’re thrilled that our partners at Mercedes-Benz Lifestyle Centre Menlyn are available to show you what we mean, and we’d love to invite you to check this beautiful beast out for yourself.

The Concept:

The perfect combination between power, dynamic driving, and sheer beauty – this sedan can leave others in the dust and look gorgeous while doing it. It can seat five or keep the vibey executive happy on their own.

The Looks:

Mercedes Benz have perfected the art of designing magnificent vehicles for those who like to be noticed, and with the C63, this is no different. A long, curving body line stretches from the distinctive grille (which has been modernised with a large identifying badge and aggressive air vents below the grille) to the shapely and curvaceous rear, where elegant lights are off-set against four cheeky exhaust outlets – a hint at what lies under the bonnet.

The Feel:

Leather. Leather, everywhere. The interior of the C63 is plush and beautifully crafted with various options in terms of what colour scheme you want – anything ranging from plain, sexy black, to two-tone red pepper and black will do. The mix of elegance and sporty continues in the cabin and sitting behind the wheel leaves me just a little breathless; I feel quite posh, but also quite confident that I can put my foot down and surge ahead of the traffic. This is an adrenalin rush, to say the least.  The Iridium Silver metallic beast seems like a perfect symbol for the women of today – strong, but sublime.

The Features:

As the top of the range C-class sedan, there’s pretty much nothing this car doesn’t have. Other than fine Nappa leather upholstery, there is also full smartphone connectivity for both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and an active park assistant is included to make your life easier. A panoramic sunroof slides open to add that fine-car finesse, and ambient lighting inside reminds you of how special it is to be seated in the cabin. The front seats are also heated and offer four-way lumbar support adjustments. A reverse camera, keyless start, navigation systems, and a full suite of safety features are all fitted from the factory.

The Drive:

As an AMG variant, the idea is to give you ample power on tap – and the C63 does this incredibly well. The impressive V8 engine produces 375 kW of power and gives you a nine-speed automatic sport shift transmission to play with – this means you get up to 100 km/h in only four seconds! Besides the impressive acceleration, there’s also the matter of excellent road grip and handling, which allows you to be confident about the way you drive this car. It feels great around even winding roads, with a well-weighted steering wheel which softens up a little in slower speeds – this is great for navigating through parking spaces and general traffic conditions. It’s a smooth, compliant ride overall, with very little to complain about!

The Score:

A masterful composition, the C63 scores a whopping 9.5 crowns out of 10 from me.

Where to Find It:

Mercedes Benz Lifestyle Centre, Menlyn HAS to be checked out! https://www.mccarthymotors.mercedes-benz.co.za/en/desktop/passenger-cars.html

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