Humble Beginnings, Huge Rewards

Earlier this year we partnered up with Patty Taljaard from CMH Haval Little Falls to share the great news of Haval’s well-priced, beautiful, practical, and reliable range of vehicles with you. This festive season, there are so many options to consider when thinking of a family-oriented vehicle that won’t take up the entire Christmas budget. The H2 is perfect for those families who need a dependable vehicle, with ample space, good technology features, that they don’t have to break the bank for.

The Concept:

This humble SUV from GWM’s Haval brand offers seating for five in a comfortable, well-specced cabin, with underpinnings that can manage city roads as well as the occasional mild-off-roading adventure – all for under R260 000!

The Looks:

Some may love the looks of the H2, and some may say it’s too bland – but for me personally, I prefer vehicles that are not overly plasticised and covered in sharp angles and spiky designs that try way too hard to look futuristic. So, the unassuming SUV-stereotypical demeanour of the H2 is really appealing to me. I find the prominent grille very easy to recognise in traffic, and the eye-catching branding on the boot is reminiscent of much more premium vehicles. And I like that. I like that the H2 looks like a sports utility vehicle without being overly flashy or in-your-face – it looks sturdy, it looks capable, and it looks pretty. All the things I like in an SUV.

The Feel:

One of the first things I noticed in the H2 was the elevated ride height and the excellent visibility – the cabin is light and airy with big windows and comfortable seats. Although this is not a leather-lined premium SUV, the attention to detail and careful construction in the cabin shows that the designers wanted to give you the best possible experience while remaining budget-conscious. I felt quite impressed with what the H2 offered for its price, and generally loved the well-appointed interior, the neatly laid out dashboard and the good-quality cloth upholstery.

The Features:

One of the strong points for the H2 is the long list of standard features, which include electric windows and mirrors, remote central locking, keyless entry and push button start, air con, cruise control and a sound system that can manage CD, Bluetooth, USB and Aux inputs through four standard speakers. The boot boasts 300 litres of cargo space, and with dual front airbags, ABS braking, and park distance control, even the base model offers much more bang for your buck than many of its rivals.

The Drive:

Only one powertrain is available across the range, and it is comprised of a 1.5-litre turbopetrol engine that churns out 105 kW of power and 202 Nm of torque. You can choose between a six-speed manual gearbox or the convenience of an automatic, which sends power to the front wheels. Although there is a touch of turbo lag, the H2 performs admirably. Smooth acceleration when you hit the pedal is promising, and when it hits a good speed, cruises with buttery ease – it is brilliant on the open roads and I particularly enjoyed it at speed on the highway. This is a car that will make roadtrips to the Kruger a pleasure in person, and a relief for your bank account!

Where to Find It:

CMH Haval Little Falls boasts a beautiful new showroom – you can also check out the range on their website at

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