Being part of the A-team

Women-Torque is supremely excited to introduce our all-new Mercedes-Benz Brand partners to you. Offering the best in German engineering, Mercedes-Benz Lifestyle Centre Menlyn will happily show you around their showroom. What better way to get into it than by talking about the Merc A Class!

 The Concept:

Listed as a compact saloon car, the A Class Merc is one of the most beautiful vehicles on the road at present. First launched back in the early 90s, more than six million of these beauties have been sold in SA – available as either a sedan, or a hatchback.

The Looks:

Much like it’s sedan sibling, the A Class hatch has the most exquisitely crafted bodywork – in fact, in my mind I always imagine that every Merc is built by hand to the last drop – this may not be the truth, but there is some semblance of truth in the ideal. The big, bold grille proudly displays the Merc insignia, and sharp, angular headlights give off a sense of eagerness, echoed in the assertive stance of the vehicle. The back-end tapers to a compact, neat rear, with a solid sense of gravity that indicates just how well this vehicle sticks to the road.

The Feel:

There’s no denying that getting into a Merc does something for your sense of confidence. I could write whole paragraphs on how it feels to slip behind the wheel of such a premium, luxurious brand and still have more to say – suffice it for now that between the gorgeous exterior, the legendary status of the brand, and the stunning interior, I feel only pampered, privileged and absolutely precocious when taking this baby for a spin around the hood!

The Features:

The Merc A200 hatch that I made googly-eyes at was fitted with a Thermatic automatic climate control regulator, leather seats that are extensively adjustable, and even the option of adding heating and cooling to your perch. Yes – you read that right. You can add a feature that warms or cools your seat while you drive. Sound like something a tired mom would like? Oh yes, that’s for sure. Additionally, the A200 boasts an MBUX multimedia system with a touch-sensitive media display that allows you to connect your smartphone, and easily whip through menus at your discretion.

The Drive:

I expected nothing short of excellence when taking the A200 through its paces, and can sincerely say, this spirited vehicle did not disappoint. Handling curves and bends without hesitation, there was almost no body roll from the compact car as I floored it – the 110 kW of power from the diesel engine was more than enough for speedy take-off, and the eight-speed dual-clutch transmission was effortlessly smooth. What’s even more impressive, this little powerhouse has fuel consumption stats of only 4.4 litres per 100 kilometres!

The Score:

Well and truly blown away, the A200 scores 9 crowns out of 10 from me!

Where to Find It:

Mercedes Benz Lifestyle Centre, Menlyn HAS to be checked out!

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