Figo it Out

When it comes to affordable cars and vehicles you can trust, Lavonne Davis from Imperial Ford Kempton Park will happily share the news of the Ford Figo with you – more than a decade after its first arrival in South Africa, this brilliant hatchback is still going strong!

 The Concept:

A small, well-priced and well-specced hatchback that is perfect for the student, young working lady, or even the starter family.

The Looks:

Having had a facelift last year, the newest Ford Figo model looks as good as what it is – which is pretty darn excellent. Traditional Ford styling in the front throws back to its sportier Fiesta cousins, and a compact, clean-cut rear end makes for a neat and professional looking vehicle overall. The interior is much of the same – simple and modern, the necessities are all within reach. We like that the Figo has small little cubbies for storing your phone, keys and coins within arm’s reach.

The Feel:

When looking at cost-effective vehicles, one is often overwhelmed by tacky, plasticky options that show how severely costs have been cut to keep the vehicle affordable. The Figo is the opposite of this, with high quality materials used – and although there is not surplus of leather or other luxuries – it has the feel of a solid car. The doors clunk closed with a reassuring weight, and the dashboard looks comprehensively decked out.

The Features:

As is expected of Ford vehicles, airbags, traction control, hill launch assist and ABS are standard safety items, and a manual aircon, a 12-volt power point, and Ford’s four-speaker sound system are included. The MyFord Dock is comprised of an AM/FM radio, USB port and Bluetooth capabilities, and with cloth seats all around, is the perfect starter family vehicle. The new Figo has a selection of 14-inch wheels to choose from.

The Drive:

The Hatch is available in three different models, although all sport the same 1.5-litre engine. This spunky little powertrain makes 88 kW of power and 150 Nm of torque right across the range, and – using a nippy five-speed automatic or manual transmission – makes for a really easy drive. The designers clearly wanted to provide a user-friendly vehicle, and the Figo is exactly that – there’s no fussing about: you simply point it in the direction you want to go, and it will oblige without hesitation. It’s certainly no sports car, but what it does do, it does very well.

The Score:

For a small, budget vehicle with all the bases covered, we give the Figo a hearty 7.5 crowns out of 10.

Where to Find It:

The Ford Figo can be viewed at Imperial Ford Kempton Park, or on their website:


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