Premium. Compact. Family!

Is it possible to use the above words for one vehicle? When it comes to the cars produced by Swedish powerhouse Volvo, the simple answer is, yes. None more so than in the new XC40. Excited about the excellence inherent in this crossover SUV, Sales Manager at CMH Volvo Cars Bryanston, Kelly Lelong, looks forward to showcasing the potential this vehicle has for taking the South African car market by storm.

The Concept:

One of the best-looking, if not the best looking, SUV-crossovers on the market, this family vehicle with off-roading capabilities has been name the European Car of the Year!

The Looks:

At almost four meters in length, the XC40 is a real visual enigma – looking all at once mature, sophisticated, and executive, it also boasts the rugged athleticism of an off-roader that takes no nonsense. With the gorgeous new and contemporary rear styling (and the proud Volvo signature emblazoned across the back), the XC40 makes itself known wherever it goes. The assertive grille is distinctive, and the plush interior resonates with the professional and, admittedly, slightly posh executive in me.

The Feel:

Inside the XC40, everything you see and touch is made of high-quality materials with such unbelievable attention to detail that I would really have to nit-pick to find something to complain about. I love the idea that the cabin can be personalised to your unique tastes, including using such vibrant touches as Lava Orange inserts – or any one of thirteen colours, seven interior designs with various themes to amp out the interior. So, to summarise how it feels – well, I feel understood. That’s what Volvo inspires – the feeling that each driver is taken into account, and their particular needs are easily met in the XC40.

The Features:

As a mom, I can surely not be the only one whose car has occasionally doubled as a rubbish bin. Well, Volvo have even thought that far by equipping the XC40 with a removable rubbish bin, a hook in the cubby hole to hold your things in place, and smartphone storage that doubles as a wireless charging station. It also has an adaptable boot floor which allows you to organise whatever you want to store in the back, or simply create enough room to throw your Labradors in the back and head to the park. Naturally, it is jam-packed with safety features that include driver alert control, lane keeping aid, hill start assist and cruise control.

The Drive:

Various engine options are available on this vehicle, ranging from a 1.5-liter powertrain to a 2.0-liter beast. At the bottom of the range, the 1.5 T version puts out 115 kW of power and 265 Nm of torque. The most powerful engine can manage 185 kW and 350 Nm, while a diesel version churns out 140 kW and an impressive 400Nm, with which you can tow a caravan, boat or trailer laden with holiday goodies. But how does it feel to drive, you may ask? Divine. There really isn’t much more to it. It accelerate with enthusiasm and easily throws out enough power to get you going. You can select various drive modes to suit your mood (Comfort is great for long-road trips or unhurried drives around town) and the XC40 will do your bidding with grace, dignity, and a little bit of cheekiness.

The Score:

With starting prices for the XC40 listed as R489, 536 for the base model, we score the incredible XC40 a top-of-the-range 9.5 crowns out of 10. This is possibly the best Volvo yet!

Where to Find It:

You absolutely have to take this beauty for a spin – check in with CMH Volvo Cars Bryanston to book a test drive:

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