X Marks the Spot

By now you must be familiar with the little Toyota with the big personality, the Aygo Hatch. Bearing a distinctive X-shaped front end, the Aygo has become increasingly popular on South African roads. Speaking of which, Mohammed Laher from Freeway Toyota remains our preferred Toyota partner, and is proud of the pint-sized vehicle that offers affordable fuel-economy while still remaining funky, unique and vibrant.

The Concept:

A compact car with a hatchback rear, the Aygo was designed for economical driving about town, with style and flair to spare.

The Looks:

Designers have managed to squeeze elements of athletic sportiness as well as elegant, though compact, lines into this little vehicle. With its now-trademark X-shaped front end, the Aygo is easily distinguished wherever you go. I love that the sweeping arms of the X carry through past the grille upwards, from the angled headlights into the roofline of the car and culminate in a striking rear end with black glass panelling. The interior is concise and well laid out, with logical presentation of all controls in an uncluttered dashboard.

The Feel:

I love small cars because they feel like extensions of self when driving them – and the Aygo does this better than most. With dimensions that are compact, it almost feels as though this vehicle is wrapped around you, doing your bidding, as you drive. I am particularly fond of the youthful and vibrant energy surrounding it, and the sense of cheeky, funky athleticism it exudes around town. It is a perfect city runner, nips in and out of traffic with ease, and parks literally anywhere.

The Features:

There are four different models available, and even on the base model, which is the cheapest, you get 14-inch steel wheels, LED daytime running lights, steering-wheel mounted controls for audio and phone, ABS, brake assist and hill-assist control. That’s quite a lot of tech to fit into such a small, and well-priced vehicle. Additionally, front and side airbags are equipped to enhance your safety, USB and Bluetooth allow you to connect with your Smartphone or flashdrive.

The Drive:

Tiny cars need tiny engines, and the Aygo boasts an enthusiastic little chugger that produces 54 kW  of power and can reach a top speed of 160 km/h. While I’d be hesitant to push the car that fast, I’m sure it is capable. Although all of the models have unique features, they all share this brilliant little engine that serves its purpose as a fuel-efficient petrol burner. Featuring in the top 20 most fuel efficient cars in South Africa at present, the Aygo is sure to keep to your budget, and help you – whether you are a working mom, a professional young lady, a student, or just a woman needing a hard-and-fast reliable runner – get the most out of city driving. As with any Toyota, the Aygo does exactly what you ask of it, simply point the nose in the direction you want it to go and feel the excitement of its happy little engine as it sets off.

The Score:

For excellent fuel efficiency and doing its job of being a small city-car, we give the Aygo an 8 out of 10.

Where to Find It:

Check out the Aygo, and other specials, at Freeway Toyota: www.freeway.co.za

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