Mom’s Swagger Wagon

Bet you didn’t think you’d ever read an opening line like that did you? In the case of the Grand Sedona, that was literally my dominating thought when I checked out this modern-minivan recently. With the support of our dear partners at Kia Goldreef, we are always excited to share the Kia-news with our readers. It’s also the ideal time to check out their website as they are running incredible specials at the moment, that you don’t want to miss out on!

The Concept:

The modern answer to the minivan, combi and even an SUV, the Grand Sedona is a seven-seater with all the space, versatility and luxury the family-oriented woman will ever need!

 The Looks:

Okay, the Grand Sedona is huge. In sheer size, it dominates any space that it occupies, although not more so than an SUV. The difference is in the practical sliding doors that slip back to allow easy access to the back of the van. In front, the Grand Sedona has the same gorgeous, assertive and modern grille it shares with its Kia siblings. Chrome accents highlight the contemporary features and surround the fog lamps to make it stand out. The rear end is simple, clean and tasteful, but at least features a cheeky little spoiler with a brake-light incorporated. The inside is opulent and comfortable, with leather seats that can keep you and your kiddos comfy, all the way down to the coast. This is no minibus, ladies – this is a swagger wagon!

The Feel:

Despite its massive and imposing size, once you are behind the wheel, the Grand Sedona feels much like any SUV. It also drives like an SUV, meaning it is responsive, tough-as-nails and capable on most road surfaces. It manoeuvres in and out of parking spaces much easier than I had anticipated, thanks to efficient power steering and parking sensors that make life so much easier. It’s also easy to feel pampered in a car that has heated, and cooling, front seats. Depending on what model you have, even the second row can be heated. Doesn’t that sound like the ideal recipe for avoiding complaints on the school run in winter?

The Features:

Even the base model is well-fitted with important features. This being a mom-car, safety would obviously be a big priority. Kia has you covered – a full-house of airbags, electronic braking, hill-start assist, parking assist, and a reverse camera are all standard features. All models also have ISOFIC child seat anchors, so you could literally strap in your triplets in their car-seats, and have peace of mind as to their safety. Comfort features are also included, with air-con, Bluetooth with voice recognition, cruise control, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto… not to mention the ridiculous amount of space available. Whether you are loading in your kids and their friends, or packing for a long holiday, the Grand Sedona has everything you really need.

The Drive:

One would expect a large mini-van-type can to be a boring, lifeless and rather bland drive. Once again, Kia surprises! The Grand Sedona is not called their flagship vehicle for nothing – not only does it feel good to sit in the driver’s seat, but it feels good to floor the accelerator too. With a powerful 2.2-liter diesel engine paired to an eight-speed automatic, the Grand Sedona has no issue taking off. Don’t be fooled into thinking this is an athletic SUV though, because the idea is to provide a capable vehicle that can haul it’s big body around – packed to the rafters with all your kids and cargo – and do so with ease while you hitch your trailer behind it. And the Grand Sedona does this incredibly well.

The Score:

For the sheer brilliance of redesigning the minivan into a vehicle we actually want to drive, we score the Grand Sedona a massive 9 crowns out of 10.

Where to Find It:

The Grand Sedona is ready for a test drive from Kia Goldreef – check out their winter specials now!

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