A Strong Contender with a Big Heart

I have had the privilege of working with Mohammed Laher from Freeway Toyota for some time now, and I remain astounded at his ability to support and buy-in to such important causes as the drive Women-Torque has to empower women. Having been instrumental in the launch of our platform, both financially and emotionally, we remain honoured to have such strong partnerships with esteemed male colleagues in the industry. Our first ever Women-Torque workshop, held in June, was proof of what we can achieve if we work together, and we are so proud to be able to present Toyota vehicles to you through our platform, knowing that every one of our readers who visits this dealership will be treated with respect and given the best possible deal.

The Concept:

A classic 4X4 with strength and power, and the capability you need to take on any terrain you want to.

The Looks:

The Landcruiser Prado is beautiful – it looks softer than it is, a beauty belying the beast beneath the surface. It is strong with an assertive stance and an imposing look, yet stunningly styled with modern touches and an especially nice rear – the glass-like door and spare-wheel placement is perfect. The interior is equally lovely, classy and nicely laid out.

The Feel:

Obviously sitting behind the steering gives you a sense of power – it sits high and you kind of feel like you are riding a war horse of sorts, based solely on the reputation. There is ample space all around, and everything is perfectly in reach of the driver. It feels solid, safe and secure, and to be honest – knowing you are in a Toyota adds a real peace of mind. You know you are going to be in a reliable and trustworthy machine, especially when you are off-road.

The Features:

A new, lower bonnet provides improved visibility and freshly designed headlights and rear-lights are all fitted with daytime running lights. The multi-terrain system is phenomenal when it comes to off-roading, and an MTS button on the centre console (together with the crawl system button and second-start button) make this a dream 4X4 vehicle. It has all the features that uphold its reputation as an off-roading great. The MTS button provides a variety of different settings such as mud and sand, mogul, rock and dirt and more. Safety features are also extensive, and includes a Pre-Collision System with pedestrian detection function, Adaptive Cruise Control and Lane Departure Warning.


The Drive:

Because of how capable this vehicle is, it is an incredible drive. Comfort levels are superb, and the power that is at your fingertips is unbelievable and exciting! Because of the high-centre of gravity though, there is some body roll around corners, but on the highway as well as on the mountain tops, it feels fantastic. The 3 litre D-4D engine produces 120 kW of power and 400 Nm of torque. There is a five-speed automatic engine that works in typical Toyota seamless fashion.

The Score:

The Landcruiser is rough and ready and perfectly suited for its purpose. We give it 8 crowns out of 10.

Where to Find It:

The lovely Landcruiser is on show at Freeway Toyota: www.freeway.co.za.

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