Sexy, Sublime and totally Unique

When I had the opportunity to test drive the Alfa Stelvio, I was quite smug about the idea that I was driving one of only a handful of these exquisite vehicles in the country! The hype was well worth it though, and I found myself suitably impressed with what the Stelvio has to offer.

Grand Central Motors Midrand, under the leadership of Dealer Principal Candice McKenna, shares the aim of Women-Torque to provide a platform for women to continuously learn and grow, and in this way, seeks to also empower by sharing experience and knowledge of this Italian brand.

The Concept:

Alfa’s first ever venture into the SUV market resulted in the launch of the magnificent Alfa Stelvio; it has all the qualities of an SUV and heaps of luxury and celebrity-appeal thanks to the fact that it is still a relatively rare sight on the roads.

The Looks:

Right, so the Stelvio has two main things going for it: firstly, the obviously muscular, solid and assertive design that literally just makes your senses tingle. And secondly, the utterly unique and distinctive grille design that highlights the Alfa badge prominently on what is an entirely gorgeous vehicle. Making heads turn wherever it goes, the Stelvio is unlike any Alfa I’ve ever seen, and with the interior being even more magnificent, I was quite stunned, to say the least. The interior is all leather, with woodgrain accents and loads of space everywhere. A panoramic sun roof adds a rather indulgent sense of flair.

The Feel:

I will happily admit that the feeling of being the centre of attention is one that I like. In this vehicle, that feeling is pretty much a given. It’s dramatic and impressive all in one-go, and the sense of European opulence inside the vehicle just adds to that feeling.

Besides that, however, I have to note that the high-seating position reminded me that I was actually still in an SUV. The added sense of strength and power that floods you when you realise you can go off-road, is quite a rush!

The Features:

It might be quicker to list the features this vehicle doesn’t have, since it’s pretty much loaded with everything you need. From climate control, electric windows and seat adjustment, daytime running lights and front and rear cameras to assist with Park Distance Control, to rain sensors, adaptive cruise control and Navigation. Besides that (and I loved Khonzi’s take on this), every safety feature you can think of is already on board: six airbags, brake assist, EBD, ESP and ABS. In Khonzi’s words, this makes even ladies from villages likes her, feel safe!

The Drive:

The characteristic dynamic drive of Alfa is pretty high on my list of excellent driving experiences, and even more so with the Stelvio. The powerful 2.0 litre turbocharged 4-cylinder petrol engine produces an impressive 206 kW and 400 Nm of torque, literally jumping forward without hesitation. Thanks to its light-weight body design, the Stelvio is even said to deliver a combined fuel consumption of around 7 litres to every 100 kilometres, which is quite good for an SUV. I particularly liked the dynamic interactive feeling of this drive.

The Score:

With a reputation like this, the Stelvio scores 9 crowns out of 10.

Where to Find It:

The sublime Stelvio is on show at Grand Central Motors: You can also contact the Dealership on 011 347 8000.

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