Fleet Status Benefits for Managers

Know the Status of Your Fleet The innovative platform created by SAFleet allows for the real-time tracking of the health and status of your fleet at all times. In the past, fleet management has been characterised by tons of paperwork and administrative processes that were not only time-consuming, but proved to be difficult to reconcile

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Prepare and prevent, don’t repair and repent

Driving You to Do the Right Thing The SAFleet programme partners with, and fully backs the initiatives of the Road Transport Management System (RTMS). Being passionate about road safety, SAFleet creator Danielle Diederiks believes that by incorporating principles rooted in the RTMS, your business can be changed and turned around for the better. RTMS refers

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The Launch of SAFleet

Benefits of this Programme The SAFleet programme simplifies the processes and systems relating to Fleet Management for your company by creating a user-friendly portal where information can be fed in, and analyses extracted on the functioning of your fleet. The most striking feature of this programme which sets it apart from others, is the user-friendly,

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Alert Today, Alive Tomorrow

What is SAFleet? SAFleet is a programme designed for Fleet Managers, by a Fleet Manager that strives to streamline and simplify the often-arduous process of managing your companies’ fleet. Although there are many good programmes available to do this, creator Danielle Diederiks felt the need for a one-stop- management-shop acutely in her fifteen years of

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Econorisk – Driving You Forward

  The word “risk” is certain to inspire a sense of trepidation and concern in most individuals – and, although it should (at the very least) create an aura of careful or cautious decision-making, Econorisk believe that risk itself shouldn’t hold you back. Founded in 2001, Econorisk is the result of a strategic partnership with

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Volvo Power of 40 Women’s Breakfast

On Friday 25 January 2019, I had the distinct pleasure of joining a group of influential women in the motoring industry to celebrate the Volvo XC40’s Supreme win as the Women’s Car of the Year. This delightful Women’s Breakfast was hosted at the exquisite Munro Boutique Hotel in Johannesburg where a tangible sense of excitement

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