Let’s Torque about Wheels Staying on the Straight and Narrow One of the most important maintenance tasks on your vehicle is the management of your tyres (and all things related to it). Not only is it important to fit high-quality tyres and ensure there is always sufficient tread available, but it is also important to

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Let’s Torque about Mad Rent Renting-to-Own – Putting You in Charge Women-Torque is continually striving to partner with companies and organisations that share our goals of upliftment and empowerment; in this search, we have recently been fortunate enough to meet with a group of gentlemen who epitomise these ideals perfectly. Mark Cohen, CEO of Mad

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  Let’s Torque about Mags Jimmy Choo’s… For Your Ride Whilst the subject of tyres may seem like an arbitrary topic to discuss, it certainly is relevant when it comes to how your vehicle is paired with the right set of Mags. For this reason, Women-Torque feels particularly excited about our partnership with Tiger Wheel

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Let’s Torque About Car Insurance Putting Women First - Always Having car insurance is often times considered a luxury (unless you are financing your vehicle, in which case it is often a requirement). Although Women-Torque understands the importance of affordability, we also understand how important it is to be safe, protected and empowered as a

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Let’s Torque about Glass Windows Are the Eyes to the Soul New design trends in the motoring industry places the focus on modern, futuristic, technologically-advanced vehicles inside and out – and with this, comes the increase of expansive windows all around to increase visibility and add to the ambience. Whilst this all looks fabulous; the

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Let’s Torque about MFC Making Your Dreams come True The Motor Finance Corporation, better known as MFC, is a division of Nedbank that prides itself on offering motor finance in a fast, efficient and simple way. MFC have also decided to partner with us as Women-Torque in our endeavours to empower, uplift and equip women,

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Ceramic Pro

Let’s Torque about Ceramic Pro The Ultimate in Protection and Style Women-Torque stands for the education and enlightenment of all women in South Africa, most especially in the motoring sector. As such, it is always our delight to present you with cutting-edge information, the latest trends and brilliant developments in the industry as a whole.

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Belisha Moolman

Woman of the Month: Beleisha Moolman Who is She? Beleisha Moolman is the Sales Manager at Audi Centre Fourways; she is also the magnetic personality behind the sales team of the exciting premium German brand. More about Beleisha Beleisha’s story is captivating when she tells it to me: having started in the industry eight years

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VW Polo

VW Torque: Meet the VW Polo Beware the Confidence Autohaus VW Centurion is the Dealership I choose when looking to review the new VW Polo. Birgit Savini, respected Dealer Principal is a truly admirable woman in the industry who has chosen to support our drive to empower women and share in spreading the passion for

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Peugeot 3008 September 2018

Peugeot Torque: Meet the Peugeot 3008 Utter Perfection I love meeting new people and experiencing that instant “click” of understanding with someone – especially when that individual is a woman in the motoring industry. Such was my experience meeting General Sales Manager for Peugeot Fourways, Ashleigh Venter. A true supporter of initiative that seeks to

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