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How to change a tyre

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-Be hands-on and do it like a professional-


Driving to the supermarket when you turn around the corner and do not see the pothole, before you know it you hit it and you’re left with a flat tyre and to top it up your phone doesn’t have reception so you can’t even phone your hubby to assist. We from Women-Torque empower and educate women for the sole reason to build independency in their lives. There is no reason for a woman not being able to change a tyre by herself. By reading this tip, we hope that these basic pointers will help the next time you find yourself with a flat tyre on the side of the road. Mastering how to change a flat tyre of your vehicle is a necessity in today’s day and age with the poor condition of the roads in South African. A flat tyre usually occurs at the most inconvenient and unexpected times where no one can assist, or they are too busy to do so as they are waking their way home and do not want to stop. Therefore, we believe it is so vital for women to be capable of changing a flat tyre by themselves.


What you will need when changing your tyre:

o   One jack

o   One wheel spanner or

o   One Torque-Wrench paired with a socket set.

o   One spare tire

o   One-wheel chock

o   Safety triangle


Let’s start:

1.      Prep:
Firstly, you will need to park your vehicle at a safe location where you will be able to change it. Do not drive your vehicle with a non-run flat tyre as this will damage your rim or alloy wheel.  If your vehicle is equipped with run flat tires, we advise that you drive to the nearest garage or safe place. If you cannot make it there in time to either of these locations and you do end up stuck where you are, try to move out of the way from other vehicles. Ensure that your vehicle is on a hard and solid surface. Once your vehicle is parked make sure the handbrake is set, turn on your hazard lights to inform other drivers that you are handling a small emergency.

2.      Loosen it:
In order to prevent your vehicle from rolling when you are busy changing the flat tyre you should place the wheel chocks (wheel stop) diagonally opposite of the tyre you are currently changing. Then insert the wheel spanner or fitting socket onto your torque wrench. Loosen all the nuts by turning your wheel spanner or torque wrench in a counterclockwise direction but you will need to use some elbow grease when doing this. Your vehicle will have a bolting sequence so simply revert to your vehicle owner’s manual to determine the bolting sequence you will have to follow.  

3.      Lift your vehicle:
After loosening the nuts on your vehicle, you can slowly raise your vehicle by using your jack and jack stand. Once again you will need to revert back to your vehicle owner’s manual to discover the jacking points of your vehicle if you don’t use them you might cause damage to your vehicle’s chassis/body. After you have located them place the jack and start raising your vehicle be sure to place the jack stands in these located areas to secure your vehicle so that you can change the flat tire.

4.      Change your tire:
When your vehicle is lifted, your vehicles nuts are removed gently pull the damaged wheel and tyre to remove it from your vehicle’s hub. Once it is done you may place your spare tyre on the hub and roll your wheel so that the holes are aligned with the wheel’s lugs. Tighten the nuts in the same order you have when removing them. Do not fasten them to tightly just enough so that the spare wheel is secure in its place.

5.      Last touches:
 Jack your vehicle a few centimeters higher so that you can remove the jack stands once it is done lower your vehicle to the ground. Then tightly fasten the nuts on your newly replaced wheel. Double check all the nuts after you are done to make sure you will be safe driving.

6.      Remove the wheel stop from the securing wheel. Replace the tools and flat wheel in the boot as not to drive of with your tools and leaving them there.  


Now that you read the basic pointers on how to change a tire; we hope that if a flat tyre does occur. That after applying these tips you will be able to enjoy the rest of your journey.


Written by: Ashley Roos