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With a decline in vehicle sales we at Women-Torque undertakes to ensure safety during the coronavirus pandemic more significantly beyond the lockdown period. We intend to assist OEMs and car dealerships to transition to simple, end-to-end online selling and services also affording our readers piece of mind and a trustworthy process when purchasing your next car. We are determined to offer a user friendly platform for our readers to choose their car, with the freedom to be rest assured that our medium of connection between buyer and seller is that of a trustworthy and accredited nature.

Covid-19 containment measures unfortunately forced the closure of dealer showrooms in South Africa, and this certainly increased the requirement for another reliable and effective online purchasing vehicle platform.

Currently, there are no Women owned platforms in South Africa that offer a real start to complete online sales channel that optimise and simplifies the vehicle purchase process. Car dealerships are beginning to set up sales platforms via trustworthy mediums like Women-Torque, who focuses on only advertising accredited dealerships of which users can find a car in just a few clicks. The purchased vehicles can be delivered to their home soon after the lockdown whilst purchasers are still weary of visiting showrooms.

Due to public demand and well-informed recommendations from dealerships and OEM'S, WOMEN-TORQUE are investing in virtual-reality technologies to give our readers and followers more comprehensive experiences, especially when specifying their car requirements, we committed in continuing to evolve with technology.

We are also in the process of implementing and advanced live chat system where our knowledgeable staff could assist by answering a broad range of questions from customers. Our related OEMs and car dealerships have also ensured complete transparency when dealing with our valued customers.

Even though many motor vehicle purchasers are hesitant in buying a car in our present situation, we are striving to offer excellent service and transactions via our platform.

In lengthy conversations with our advertisers, the OEMs and dealerships they pledged to further enhance their already dependable after-sales procedures and practices. We have selected reputable dealerships with respectable and reliable track records to create an online hub where our readers can make enquiries on sales, after sales and parts queries, even before you transact. Online service bookings, parts purchase etc are but a few options we intend to realise on the Women Torque platform. These functions will be introduced as Women-Torque progresses to build our data centric portal.

With all the dynamic visions and technological options that Women-Torque Promises to implement, customers can enjoy a pain free, stress free and more significantly, reliable vehicle shopping and owning experience.

With these uncertain circumstances that we are facing for the foreseeable future, change is crucial, and we understand the need for change of which OEMs and car dealerships will transition into for survival in these times of confinement and insecurity.