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Toyota GR Supra 3.0T

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Traditionally Japanese meets German excellence Toyota has undergone a controversial partnering with the multinational luxury brand BMW to breathe new life into their iconic and unmistakable sports vehicle – the GR Supra 3.0T. It is refreshingly refined for a great day to day driving experience, and we found out exactly why the hype on this speed machine is so loud. We believe it is certainly worthy, even at entry level.

The Concept
The Toyota Supra is probably one of the most iconic modern vehicles on the road. This fifth-generation sports coupe is a two-seater and, in essence, a self-indulgent vehicle for any trend-setter. A perfect balance of sports car and grand tourer, the Supra is an attractive option for any woman who enjoys the thrills and adrenaline of performance as well as the attention and admiration of passers-by. This two-door has unmistakable road presence, and with only space for two, is particularly good for those who are more interested in sportiness and performance rather than cabin capacity and functionality.

The Look
The Toyota-BMW partnering is cosmetically evident in the sports car’s exterior; though largely Korean inspired, a few German hints shine through. The headlights are similar to that of the Supra mark IV with its hallmark curved bonnet and functioning air intakes right below. Xenon LED headlights are adaptive and equipped with high beam assist, and daytime running lights feature as well, resulting in thrilling and focused day and night ventures. The sporty roofline drastically tapers down to greet LED taillights, and an athletic black diffuser and two stout exhaust pipes complete the coupe’s physique. A ten-spoke 19-inch alloy wheel set is also included to provide this aggressive vehicle with enough grip, performance and road stance. There’s a fun and cheeky attitude about this car, and with the history and brand-names behind it, is sure to get your noticed.

The Feel
To be fair, the GR Supra 3 is not all that comfortable or spacious inside, seeing that it is designed for speed and not comfort, so luxury was never the prime consideration when being designed. Still, the sporty seats are comfortable enough to enjoy most road trips for two, and at least supportive enough to keep you snugly seated while the numbers increase on your speedometer. The neatly laid out cabin is equipped with a fully digital dash and a retro inspired instrument cluster from the 90s. However, it’s a bit cramped with limited leg and foot room, which is obviously due to the diminutive physique. Although the rear is reasonably sized with a 290-litre boot, it has a small opening and clearly wasn’t meant for hauling cargo. A leather clad steering wheel and suede cloth upholstery are standard, which adds to the sense of occasion in the cabin. However, all the greats must have a fatal flaw, and this hot rod’s Achilles’ heel is its visibility. Gun slit windows result in large blind spots and general manoeuvrability is also a hassle, due to long doors and its low-slung nature. This means that it requires a lot of lateral room to open without scratching off some paint in a parking lot.

The Features
The 6.5-inch infotainment system is clearly BMW-sourced with user-friendly usage and crisp styling, and we found this refreshing - the integration of some luxury and modern touches to this sporty, 90s- inspired GR Supra 3 adds a lot of value to this being a daily driver. The infotainment system is enabled with ten speakers, smartphone mirroring and navigation. Bluetooth connectivity, USB, auxiliary input and navigation can all be accessed via the multifunctional steering wheel. Comfort and driver assistance features include adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, lane keep assist, blind spot monitoring and a head up display. Also featured is a camera in the rear for park distance control, keyless central locking, automatically dimming side as well as rear view mirrors, push button start functionality and climate control is also included for a more at ease and relaxed driving experience. Safety features include ABS, EBD, brake assist, traction control and airbags for the driver and passenger. The passenger seat is equipped with ISOFIX anchorage, an interesting add-on to a sports car of this calibre, but is certainly highly appreciated.

The Drive
This 3.0-litre turbocharged petrol engine puts out 250 kW of power and an impressive 500 Nm of torque. A tribute to the Korean based manufacturer is the classic straight six-cylinder engine. Toyota continues to surprise and claims that this beast has a fuel consumption figures of 7.7 litres per 100km, which will take you relatively far with the 80-litre tank, as long as you don’t have too heavy a foot. The ride quality is excellent, thanks to two driving modes (Normal and Sport), which are able to configure and adjust the engine’s responsiveness, the dampening, steering wheel and the beautiful rumbling engine tone. Sport mode amps things up for the driver for better responsiveness while also providing you with the luxury of multi-functionality. Thrusty performance means that overtaking is a breeze and the vehicle is well controlled due to the grippy front-end and rear-end stability. It is enabled with a launch control system, too, a popular aid in almost all modern performance vehicles for burning rubber off the line. This is a fluent sports vehicle with a well-calibrated suspension and support from adaptive dampers.

Gazoo Racing is what the GR in its name stands for, a tribute to Toyota’s motorsport division. Sporty accents aren’t only featured in the name, but also in the engine, with features such as the ZF torque converter, which offers brisk, smooth shifts, and shift paddles situated on the multifunctional steering wheel. This rocket can quickly reach 100 km/h from standstill in only 4.3 seconds, so that means reaching its 250 km/h cap will be done swiftly and effortlessly. The overall driving experience is fantastic – if you have the guts to push this car the way it was intended to be pushed.

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