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Toyota Corolla T XS

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Toyota has been hallmarked for producing vehicles that are good-looking, easy to drive, and in every sense of the phrase, value-for-money. Spawned from the legendary Corolla-line, the latest derivative has big shoes to fill, and with the new, fresh look, added intuitive features, and a great overall performance, it is guaranteed not to disappoint

The Concept
This five-seater hatchback is perfect for the medium-sized family who wants to travel in style and comfort without breaking the bank. Falling somewhere between a sporty hatchback and sleek sedan, the XS is considered a c-segment vehicle, and is sure to steal hearts wherever it goes.

The Look
Re-sculpted and redesigned, the XS sports a fresh and dynamic look, yet still keeps to its unmistakeable Corolla roots. Pronounced styling can be seen in the sporty nose and LED headlights, which add to the compact dimensions and create a nimble appearance. Also incorporated is daytime running lights to further enhance the hatch’s contemporary profile. The 16-inch alloys and muscular rear haunches gives this hatchback just enough attitude to challenge the stereotypically ‘mom-car’ label, and look absolutely stylish when cruising down the highway.

The Feel
The interior of the XS is utility-centred and extremely practical. The buttons, levers and knobs have been strategically laid out to be within the driver’s reach, as well as to look aesthetically pleasing. Elegant detailing has been incorporated, such as the leather-clad gear-lever and a bespoke steering wheel that looks trendy and feels great to the hand. For a compact vehicle, there is a good amount of space, and with a capacious 294-litre boot space, makes for a practical option too. Sizable mirrors ensure there’s a decent amount of visibility, although the high window line can be problematic if you’re seated low. Fortunately, Toyota has installed an array of driver-aiding features to accommodate for these shortcomings, so you feel quite taken care of.

The Features
The 4.2-inch touchscreen multi-information display (MID) has excellent clarity and is paired to six speakers. The system comes installed with Navigation, Bluetooth connectivity, an auxiliary input and an inconspicuously mounted USB port. Unfortunately, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto is not yet available on the XS. A wireless charging tray, keyless entry, front seat warmers, auto dual zone air-conditioning, a rear-view camera, and cruise control are just but a few of Toyota’s thoughtful features. Knowing that their target market (busy moms) will always consider safety and security as their top priority, Toyota has furnished this hatch will a decent amount of safety features to ensure that the family will always be looked after. These safety features include ISOFIX anchoring, front, knee, curtain and side airbags, ABS, an electronic braking system, Hill Assist Control, and Vehicle Stability Control.

The Drive
The stylish little powerhouse has a 1.2-litre turbocharged engine at is heart, able to crank out 85 kW of power and 185 Nm of torque. This is perfectly suited with just enough punch for an effortless cruise around town, and with a six-speed manual with iMT mode, there’s also a little fun to be had here. While this is no hot-hatch or sleeper car, the Corolla is pleasantly responsive and feels very much “just right” in the way it conducts itself – living up to your expectations, meeting your needs, and never making a scene. Those who want more excitement, though, will have to look elsewhere; the Corolla was designed for convenience and comfort, first and foremost. And, to top it all off, manages an average 6.1-litre per 100 km fuel consumption rate.

Where to Find It
You can find the charming Corolla at

Transcribed by: Nita Stadler
Edited by: Belinda Anderson