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Opel Combo LIFE Drive your ambitions
One of Europe’s largest and most successful auto manufacturers, Opel, has sold more than one million passenger and light commercial vehicles around the world just in 2014 alone, in conjunction with its British sister, Vauxhall. This goes to show that these Germans know what they’re talking about when it comes to everyday drivability and convenience.

Their newest addition, nicknamed the Combo Cargo LIFE, is sure to make you jump for joy, especially if you own a small business. Packed with high levels of flexibility, comfort and innovative technologies that are unrivalled in this class, the Combo also features a ridiculously affordable price.

The Concept
Utility-centred, the newest addition to the Opel family is more than capable to tackle any load. Whether you’re a soccer mom with busy kiddies or a small business owner who needs to be able to operate a stock based business (such as beauty or hair dressing supplies), the Combo Life will eagerly deliver. I truly believe that this van is an affordable option that doesn’t compromise on quality or performance, and the attractive price tag just makes it seem that much more appealing.

The Look
The first peek of my test drive of this Mini Van, I simply thought that this was just a typical, generic transportation. But if you’re an entrepreneur or businesswoman carrying small loads of stock, this is exactly what you need – there are tons of open body space to proudly advertise your business. The bigger side panels mean that there is more surface to display your business details on, think of it as a fresh canvas. 17-inch alloy wheels anchor it securely to the road and the automatic on/off halogen headlights compliment the shiny grille. The rear seating features double doors, which open to a massive loading area. The sliding doors make loading and off-loading much easier, too, with no mess, and no fuss. I must admit though, when handing back the keys to the cheerful lady at the fleet control, I had grown rather fond of the simplistic design, as I gave the hard worker a last glance before saying goodbye.

The Feel
It comes as no surprise that the cabin of the Opel is spacious and clearly utility-focussed. Simplicity was clearly the design theme, but the mistral grey upholstery and interior allows you to enjoy the ride that much more. Visibility is good, thanks to the forward seat and sizable windows, but I must say, it is a rather big adjustment to drive a vehicle without a rear window that opens wide to see out of. It wasn’t all that troublesome, though, thanks to the large side mirrors that aided me much in my manoeuvrings. Behind the wheel, this Combo is rather comfortable with a speed-sensitive power-steering, which is able to adjust in a tilt and telescope manner. Something that I really appreciated was the number of compartments scattered around the cabin (there’s even a few hidden ones). A total of 15 sizeable storage areas means that there’s plenty of space for paperwork, manuals or books, and you can even insert your laptop or iPad in the compartment above your head. This makes it an ideal companion for a woman on the move, like me. Opel has also designed the cabin’s layout in such a manner that everything the driver might need is conveniently placed in arms reach, an example of their undying promise to always keep their clients’ needs in mind. Overall, it feels sturdy and reliable, exactly the kind of support you need for your business or day-to-day dealings with the family.

The Features
The eight-inch touchscreen infotainment system is equipped with a multi-media Navi Pro navigation system, a radio with four speakers, Bluetooth connectivity, a USB input, and MP3. Comfort features are plenty, including air conditioning, a particle and odour filter, power front windows, power adjustable and heated side mirrors as well as automatic cruise control. Opel has also gone the extra mile when it comes to safety features and have included Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS), Electronic Brake-Force Distribution (EBD), Electronic Stability Programme (ESP), Hill Stop Assist (HSA), Driver and Passenger Airbags, three-point front seatbelts, a driver’s seatbelt alert, an anti-theft immobilizer and remote controlled central locking. It is determined to take you where you wish to be and with all these driver’s aids and features, it will do so confidently.

The Drive
The 1.6-litre turbo diesel engine produces 68kW of power and 230Nm of torque. What Opel owners will highly appreciate about this vehicle is its excellent fuel consumption of around five litres per 100km. This is definitely exceptional and will be sure to save you a few valuable Rands and Cents. Also, with low speed torque, you can look forward to better overtaking, reliable towing, and smooth gear shifts. The five-speed manual provides a smooth driving experience and with a 1 100-kilogram towing capacity, you are guaranteed that your load is always safe and secure. The performance is also impressive for such a small engine - it has quite a bit of spunk! Something that I’ve also noticed is the fact that the spare tire is located underneath the car, which can be quite problematic when you happen to find yourself with a flat tyre. But I wholeheartedly believe that the enabled women will succeed in changing that flat tyre with ease, if that unfortunate situation arises. Overall, the driving experience had been rather pleasant. Although a bit rowdy on cold mornings, this Combo actually proved to be a workhorse, and is always ready to take on the day with utmost determination and finesse. After all, it’s strong, feature-filled, and most importantly, affordable and spacious. What more do you need to kick-start your soon-to-be-successful business?

Where to find it
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