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Beauty, soul and great performance
Experiencing Nissan, whether it’s a vehicle or their service, one thing is for sure, it’s always a pleasure. Nissan has a way of making you feel at home with their welcoming and friendly staff members. Their products and services are simply outstanding, and only the highest quality is good enough when maintenance is being done to your vehicle. The Qashqai has the same characteristics of excellence, and makes you and your passengers feel right in your element.

The Concept:
This Qashqai compact crossover SUV is a five-door, five-seater is currently in its second generation. It has great fuel economy, a modern interior, an all-around fun drive, and ample space that caters for friends and family alike. The Qashqai is youthful, modern and practical - if that is what you need from a car, this stunner will suit you perfectly.

The Looks:
The Qashqai has even better looks than before, with the v-styled grille allowing the piercing gaze personified in the LED headlights to stand out. 17-inch wheels are standard but 19s can be had on upper level models, and roof rails and body cladding add to the sense of athletic ability inherent in the sporty utility vehicle. Daytime running lights and diminutive fog lamps are present, and the entire package rolls on a solid, grounded body that looks both sleek and sturdy. The interior follows suit with an uncluttered appearance, sweeping lines, and uncomplicated technology. It looks family-friendly, because it is.

The Feel:
Designers have stayed true to the idea of making the cockpit driver-focused, and everything you will need is right within grasp. There’s an abundance of soft-touch points throughout the interior, including high-end panelling on the door cars, upholstery, and dashboard. The necessary technology on display looks crisp and clear, without an overuse of buttons and dials to confuse you. We love the added warmth and light brought in by the panoramic sunroof, which also plays off the spacious cabin and makes it feel even more easy to live in. Following on this, the seats offer supportive cushioning in plush materials, especially on the upper trims. The new Qashqai also features brand-new front seat designs, which include shape memory and a two-person memory function for you as the driver. Both the front seats are also able to heat up if you’re feeling cold.

The Features:
In keeping with the comfort and convenience theme, the Qashqai has all the bases covered with dual zone climate control, heated seats with memory and adjustment, cruise control, an electric parking brake, hill start assist and brake assist. Moving up through the range adds more features, and a reverse camera, a seven-inch display screen with full Apple CarPlay and Android Auto functionality, blind spot warning and intelligent collision mitigation become standard even in the middle of the range. The top-spec models get standard navigation, a surround-view monitor, and cross traffic alert. A premium Bose sound system with seven speakers can be had, too, and Bluetooth is also standard. We love that there is up to 430 litres of cargo capacity even with the back row in place, and if you find yourself needing to load more things, the rear seats fold down to open up 860 litres of space in total.

The Drive:
With a choice between petrol and diesel, the Qashqai allows you to choose which powertrain you need. The petrol variant makes use of a 1.2-litre turbo motor that makes 85 kW of power and offers either a manual or CVT transmission. This option gives you a little more oomph on the road, but comes at the cost of higher fuel consumption, with ratings of around 6.2 litres per 100 km. The turbodiesel 1.5-litre engine, on the other hand, only makes 81 kW of power and 26 Nm of torque, and is paired to a six-speed manual, but provides a much healthier manufacturer-claimed 4.2-litre per 100 km fuel economy statistic. We prefer the diesel powertrain and transmission setup, and found it to be reliable and predictable, making for a smooth acceleration test. It’s not really as sporty as the looks of the car make it out to be, but that’s quite alright – we preferred the solid reliability of the slick shifting, consistent Qashqai that took on the road with aplomb. It feels good to drive this SUV, and even though it doesn’t take corners with style and grace, that’s not what it was designed for. We loved the gentle and familiar feel of the dependable Qashqai.

Where to Find It:
Find this hip Qashqai on their website at: to find a dealership closest to you.

Transcribed by: Nita Stadler
Edited by: Belinda Anderson