Breaking News | Hyundai eases minds about warranties during lockdown.

Hyundai eases minds about warranties during lockdown.

Hyundai owners with that still have their authentic warranties that expired between March 2020 and June 2020 will be glad to know that Hyundai is prolonging their warranties to aid and support vehicle owners that are influenced by the international isolation. Warranties can be protracted for up to three months at most, subject on the particular country.

South-Africans’ warranties, services as well as maintenance plans that perish in the local lockdown timeframe will be prolonged until the end of May 2020. If the national lockdown is prolonged past the 16th of April, the warranties postponement period will be reexamined.

Hyundai’s pronouncement for this revilement is due to the international response of the Covid-19 eruption and its destructive consequences which led to numerous non-essential amenities to close as provision. More than 1.2 million Hyundai vehicles will be qualified for the worldwide extinction.

The establishment believes to address any queries about consumers being incapable to visit a service centre for automotive amenities while complying with the physical isolation instruction. The welfare of customers and personnel is of great importance and thus the company is meticulously observing the pandemic’s progresses and diligently complying with the rules set out.

Michael Rohde, after-sales director at Hyundai Automotive South-Africa commented that the Covid-19 nationwide lockdown will not affect South-Africans vehicle’s service and maintenance plan and warranty. Service dates will be extended by 8 weeks if they fall in the lockdown timeframe. Any questions or concerns can be directed to them on

Executive Vice President and Head of Customer Experience Division at the Hyundai Motor Company, Wonhong Cho, explained that the company understand that access to these services might be unreachable for many during these trying times. Hyundai wishes to provide their devoted customers peace of mind regarding their qualifications for warranty repairs and related services in the months to come. Not only do they care about their customers’ health and safety but also of their vehicles.