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Ford Fiesta 2020

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Athletic, agile and affordable.
Lavonne Davis the dealer principal of imperial ford Kempton park has been an inspiration and role-model to so many women in the motoring industry. She is in partnership with women torque and embodies women empowerment to any lady out there. The all-new modernized Ford Fiesta compliments that with its newly developed prowess.

The Concept:
The Ford Fiesta is a three or five door hot hatchback and is the 7th generation of its kind. It is so dynamic and is suited for any women no matter her needs. It is available in five trim levels namely the 1.5 diesel TDCI trend, 1.0 petrol EcoBoost trend, 1.0 petrol EcoBoost trend A/T (automatic transmission), 1.0 petrol EcoBoost titanium and then the 1.0 petrol EcoBoost titanium A/T.

The Looks:
The Fiesta almost as a danger-like structure about it and a futuristic approach to the exterior. Sharp bodylines, horizontal break lights, bonnet shell, LED daytime running lights and a modern grille with a bold pattern make it seem more action ready and gives it an overall sporty appearance. Embroidery on the seats are beautifully done and the chrome accents across the instrument panel looks phenomenal. This aesthetic queen also has a more sloped front, less bulky flanks and higher position makes it appear more youthful and athletic.

The Feel:
The interior of this athlete is cleaner, more organized as well as modernized and more spacious than ever before. The comfort of the seats is spectacular and give a lot of support while driving it also feels as if you are sinking in it. The slimmer front seats provide more leg room in the rear although the three-door rear space is limited. The front has a generous amount of head and leg room despite the sloped front. The dual panoramic roof on higher trims makes the interior feel more open and gives an allusion of bigger cabin space.

The Features:
The Fiesta comes equipped with a high-tech kit, it has a 20-centimetre touchscreen with SYNC 3 and is compatible with Android Auto and Apple Car Play that uses voice command for a hands-free journey, great for entertainment and easy to use for everyday use. The steering wheel has a lot of adjustment as well as the seats for any women. The Fiesta does not turn its head in terms of safety with seven airbags, emergency brake assist, anti-lock braking system and reverse parking sensors. Luxury is guaranteed on higher trims with cruise control and heated seats. The Fiesta is easy to maintain with its auto-stop and start, this technology automatically switches off the engine when you stop or idle. It makes you consume less petrol with up to 10 percent while still running the headlights SYNC 3 system and air-conditioning.

The Drive:
While driving this new beauty you feel no vibration from the interior and you don’t hear the tyres on the road either. Engine and road noise are to a minimal. The handling is incredibly sharp and very precise, the steering wheel makes it easy to control while driving and lets you maintain your focus on the road. The steering is well weighted and has a pleasant touch. The drive is grippy and impressive, what makes driving this Fiesta so endearing is that is can make the most mundane traveling fun and sporty. In terms of performance with 71-88 kW of power and 128-149Nm of torque as average depending on the so spec level is pretty powerful and impressive for a car in this class. The high position of the car gives a better viewing position.

Where to find it:
You can find this gem on imperial ford’s website at: or view this phenomenon at imperial fords showroom in Kempton park.