Breaking News | FCA Restarts Production at Sevel plant with Maximum Attention to Workplace Health and Safety

FCA Restarts Production at Sevel plant with Maximum Attention to Workplace Health and Safety

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The Sevel plant in Atessa, Italy (a joint project with PSA Group and a leading producer of commercial vehicles for the international market) has received an abundance of health and safety equipment in preparation of more than 6 000 employees returning to work. This includes sanitization of over 300,000 m2 workshop floor, installation of around 130 hand sanitizer dispensers, 15 large billboards posting prevention information and 25 video monitors, distribution of over 6,000 informational brochures and 18,000 posters, a dozen body temperature monitoring cameras at plant entrances and over 600 points equipped with disinfectant materials for employees to clean the equipment they use during their shift.

On the 9th of April an agreement has been signed with Italian trade unions FIM-CISL, UILM-UIL, FISMIC, UGLM, AQCFR and FIOM-CGIL to ensure that the workers receive maximum protection when production is restarted after the COVID-19 crisis while the plants in Cassino, Pomigliano, Termoli and Mirafiori is recommended to partake in limited activities.

The COO for FCA’s EMEA region, Pietro Gorlier said that they have demonstrated that the protection of their workers is top priority at the Sevel plant. The reopening of several production points is the result of rigorous analysis and preparation carried out in collaboration with leading virologists, other experts and trade unions’ approval. They have also been working closely with the Italian government and local authorities to prepare the production return while ensuring that there is no compromises of any employee’s health or safety.

Before employees returned to work, the company repeatedly cleaned and sanitized 18 rest areas, 52 toilets, 29 changing rooms with more than 7,400 lockers, 2 medical rooms and 4 cafeterias. Maximum habitation of eating areas will be condensed and opening hours stretched to guarantee a distance of one meter between individuals. These areas have also been prepared with sanitizers and disinfectant materials for employee use (sanitizing gel, antibacterial soap, surface cleaning kits, etc.). Safety signs and notices have also been posted throughout the plant.

Prior to the start of production, all Sevel employees were informed of the production area measures to be taken. This includes maintaining a minimum distance of one meter between individuals, instructions for washing hands with soap and water or sanitizing gel, instructions for refilling a cup or water bottle from public dispensers, new rules for the company cafeteria and correct management of meetings. Employees were also provided with instructions on how to respond to Covid-19 indication.

Reconfiguration of working spaces have also been done to comply with the specific health and safety requirements. Movement is production and common areas have also been limited while the 85 offices received protective barriers between employees or workstations have been repositioned. Breaks have been organized for variation throughout a shift.

Every employee at the Sevel plant has received a personal kit containing surgical masks and gloves (to be replenished daily), as well as a pair of safety glasses. Employees who travel via public transport will have an additional mask for their commute.

Training on safety standards will be made available via e-learning, standard internal communications channels and by sector managers with the support of specialized medical personnel.

Finally, severe checks were installed at all entrances to the Sevel plant, as agreed upon by FCA and the trade unions. Anyone entering the grounds (on foot or by car) had their temperature checked by thermal camera or remote thermometer operated by protected medical staff.