Something to Capture Your Attention

The dynamic sales manager at Imperial Renault Centurion, Masesi Kutumela, featured in our Women of the Year Awards in August; and for good reason – as a vibrant, up-and-coming personality in the industry. In keeping with this trend, the Renault Captur has proven to be a vehicle to watch too – a small crossover SUV with spunk, character, and loads of driving appeal.

The Concept:

A subcompact SUV with real-life attitude, an improved, high-end interior and striking looks – the Captur is the ideal youthful ladies’ car.

 The Looks:

I have a particular affinity for this vehicle – in the signature metallic orange with its razor-like alloy wheels, I think it just oozes spunk and charisma! I love that it is available in two-tone combinations, and that it can look athletic and classy at the same time. I think it really resonates with how I see women – versatile, adaptable, and really, really, practical. The interior has also been refreshed, offering some of the familiar design elements of the older model, and enough new features and technology to keep it fresh.

The Feel:

With a lot of Clio-like features, the Captur feels really smart – in the tech-equipped sense. The “Smart Cockpit” design and genuine attempt to keep the cabin feeling up-market is well-noticed on this model. I always enjoy seeing great improvements between generations, and the Captur’s update has been brilliants done. It feels like a perfectly sized vehicle to travel the city with, and with all of energy it has in its looks alone, makes me excited to be seen in it as well.

The Features:

I made mention of the Smart Cockpit earlier, and this is quite an important update to note. It debuted on the most recent Clio and features a 9.3-inch infotainment screen and an info-display to keep you up to date on your car’s functioning. There’s also a leather steering wheel, LED courtesy lighting, MediaNav touchscreen, hill start assist, emergency brake assist and even parking distance control – all features that are designed to make your life easier and keep you safe.

The Drive:

The French have a flair for designing engines that feel silky smooth, and Captur is no different. At the entry point of the range, the Captur 900 T Blaze is equipped with a 66 kW-producing engine that is both adequate for daily driving, and super fuel efficient. There is a diesel option in the middle of the range, known as the 1.5 DCI Dynamique that offers a bit more punch from the engine, and then – at the top of the range – a 1.2-litre Turbo EDC offering that is fully-loaded with all the nifty gadgets and safety equipment needed. We preferred the slightly more powerful engines to the base model, but not because they aren’t capable; we just loved the smooth acceleration of the 1.5 DCI and having that extra power available on take-off. The Captur is really a pleasant drive overall, with good road holding abilities and near-perfect robot-to-robot driving styles.

The Score:

We had our hearts Captur-d and we score the Captur at 8 crowns out of 10.

Where to Find It:

The spunky Captur be viewed at Imperial Renault Centurion or on their website at


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