Set Your Own Course

The all-new Jeep Compass made waves when it hit our shores not that long ago – although we only have one model of the new Jeep Compass, there isn’t much more that you’ll need! No longer the smallest Jeep in the range, the Compass is striking, strong and sexy – exactly what women need! With the support of our partners from Grand Central Motors Midrand, we excitedly share our Compass-experience with you…

The Concept:

A 4×4 that can hit rough terrain, cruise comfortably on the open-road, and adventure on the off-road trails – all the while keeping you comfy and safe inside.

The Looks:

This is one fine-looking four-by-four, with slender, eager headlamps, the distinctive slotted-grille, big, impressive wheels, and black front pillars and roof. We love that the new-look Compass will fit in the urban-jungle just as well as it would in the Amazon, with really modern and striking design-features that make it feel much more like an SUV, and much less like the hard-core off-roader that it is. The inside is simply stunning as well, with premium seats and tech-friendly dashboard.

The Feel:

What’s cool about the “feel” of the new Compass is that you can literally customise that experience. With five off-road driving modes, you can experience it as more comfort-oriented, or more off-road-ready, or more focused on slippery roads. Other than that, sitting in a Jeep has a certain kind of appeal on its own, and I always find myself feeling more confident than ever with this brand under by fingertips.

The Features:

As this is the only model available, the Compass Trailhawk is well-equipped with all the features that one would need to feel quite pampered and plush – this includes an 8.4-inch infotainment display with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, Bluetooth and Air Con as standard. Additionally, there is an automatic boot, keyless entry and keyless start, as well as seven airbags and cruise control. We particularly love the 438-litre boot space, which is ideal for holiday luggage, school equipment, or even the pooches.

The Drive:

The Compass Trailhawk is equipped with a 2.4-litre petrol engine that is paired to a nine-speed automatic gearbox. Capable of kicking out 129 kW of power and 229 Nm of torque, this 4×4 is by no means short of power – it can comfortably tow your boat, caravan or trailer and accelerate without breaking a sweat. It also has all the mechanics needed for tackling an off-road trail, including a departure angle of 33.6 degrees and an approach angle of 30 – meaning, it can manage the dongas quite well. It also has a ground clearance of 216 mm, which gave me a sense of assertive and enthusiastic confidence to try a 4×4 trail – alright, I was a little scared to tackle the big trenches, but still, the Compass was more than capable! On the tar road, it drives like velvet – comfortable, luxurious and smooth.

The Score:

Trying to find something to criticise on a Jeep is generally hard work, and with a base price of R599 990, the Compass has to score quite high on our list: 8.5 crowns out of 10!

Where to Find It:

The stunning new Jeep Compass is on show at Jeep Midrand: – you have to see it, to believe it!

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