Audi Centre Bryanston: Where every great customer relation is built on friendship.

Offering me a chance to drive their popular vehicles, the team over at Audi Centre Bryanston is, as always, both hospitable and professional. Headed by a strong, forward-thinking Sales Manager, Beleisha Moolman, this dealership has a formidable team of driven and motivated Sales Executives, thus ensuring it remains on the forefront of its trade. With many years of experience in the industry, Beleisha is knowledgeable about sales, training and virtual shopping, with a host of awards credited to her leadership.

Determination and loyalty seems to be a characteristic shared by many at this dealership. Beleisha, has a backstory that firmly proves this point. Having worked through major challenges and obstacles to find her place in this industry, Beleisha has spent the past years nurturing a love for the brand that was sparked by her experience of the products and services she promotes.

Relationships between the various departments in any dealership remain important, and none more so than the after-sales and parts departments. In this regard, Audi Centre Bryanston believes that it is important to remain open and honest in all your dealings with colleagues and clients so that you can continue to give of your best.

Audi A5 – More Vorsprung, more Technik

I have always been a fan of German cars, and as a result, my visit to our Audi dealer Partners, Audi Centre Bryanston, had me salivating in anticipation of test driving the gorgeous Audi A5. The avid Audi team from this special dealership were keen to have my opinion of the vehicle personifying “timeless design and impressive performance” as their tag line suggests, and I was more than happy to comply.

The sensuous styling Audi is so famous for it has been beautifully refined in the Audi A5 – sweeping lines that curve languidly across the side of the body from the front wheel arch, and a lower, more defined nose that gives the A5 a more distinguished look. The interior is no less classy, with elegant, sophisticated finishes and a clean-cut dashboard design that gives of an air of self-assured practicality.

There’s just something special about sitting in an Audi, and a tingle of excitement runs through me as the engine springs to life with a throaty growl. The power is there with even the slightest touch to the accelerator, and at take-off reacts with an obedient and confident pull. The ability to change gears with the steering-mounted paddles is not only convenient, but – as a nod to its Sporty supercar siblings – hints at the potential the car has for delivering more power at a moment’s notice by shifting into Dynamic mode. By contrast, Eco mode offers the driver the chance to use fuel more economically.

In classic Audi fashion, there is nothing short of the kitchen sink in the cockpit – USB and aux ports are available, tech-savvy infotainment system linking Bluetooth, media and navigation programs at the swipe of a finger, vehicle systems monitoring, and such electronic safety features as rear cross-traffic warning, collision avoidance assist, active lane-keeping and pre-sense that is said to prepare the car prior to brace for impact. Despite all the techno-mumbo-jumbo, the virtual dashboard is sensible and easy to use, with everything within arm’s reach.

The drive itself is flawless – cruising on the highway is clearly this vehicle’s forté and it does so with effortless grace. I feel in perfect control whether accelerating, changing lanes, slowing down or gliding around corners; the A5 hugs the road with fierce determination and balance, manoeuvring urban roads, dense traffic and open highways with reassuring ease.

The total driving experience proves to be serene, with almost no road noise in the cabin, and a rich, luxurious feel in general. With its generous, spacious interior, large boot space and incredible safety standards, the A5 makes for the perfect younger generation family car. As the folks at the dealership remind me, Audi designs are award winning on all fronts, and I am left suitably impressed, with the glowing aftertaste of a superbly put together vehicle.

At the dealership, the A5 is a sought-after new vehicle, and is equally as popular in the used-cars department. Used Car Sales Executives are proud of the fact that Audi Centre Bryanston strives to deliver quality pre-owned vehicles with superior customer service, which is characterised by attention to detail and transparency.

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By: Desh Bechan