Making All Things New

This past June we were thrilled to be able to have our first-ever Women-Torque workshop hosted at the spectacular new premises of Audi Centre Bryanston, welcomed warmly by our partner DP Thembinkosi Pantsi. Beleisha Moolman, who has become a friend and respected colleague, represented the Dealership by being our MC for this event, and really made us proud. We want to take this moment to thank Audi Centre Bryanston for their unwavering support, for realising the importance of our platform, and for being committed activists in the drive for women-empowerment. Continuing on the train of “new things”, we have the delight of presenting you with a preview of the brand-new Audi Q8, currently on the floor at the magnificent new dealership…

The Concept:

The all-new, top-of-the-range SUV from Audi boasts luxury features, a sublime drive and enough space to make any road trip a dream!

The Looks:

Although slightly shorter than the Q7, the Q8 is wider, lower and much more dramatically styled. It has a stunning and distinctive octagonal grille, 21-inch or 22-inch wheels, frameless doors and a sturdier, more athletic look than some of the other vehicles in this class. It is big, but it is oh-so-stylish, giving off an assertive, confident look from the outside, and an elegant, opulent look from the inside. We love the black-backed LED strip that runs across the boot, giving off an almost retro vibe.

The Feel:

A slightly refreshed interior and dashboard adds to the now familiar and ultra-modern cockpit. There are almost no buttons, and a twin-touchscreen setup in the centre console (10.i-inch and 8.6-inch) makes for a contemporary and futuristic feel. The interior on the whole is just stunning, with attention to detail in the upholstery and a sense of confidence from the high-seated, comfortable driver’s seat.

The Features:     

At the top of the range for SUV’s from this brand, it is hard to imagine a feature that wouldn’t be present on this vehicle. As standard, the Q8 includes a 360-degree camera, cruise control and parking aid with multifunction camera. The vehicle also has navigation and smartphone integration included and can be further upgraded by adding on lane change assist and head-up display or equipping it with the more advanced adaptive cruise control.

The Drive:

Armed with a mild-hybrid engine system, the Q8 makes use of the hybrid aspect not to drive the vehicle, but instead to allow for longer periods of time in idle where fuel consumption can be decreased. This means that the stop and start of the engine is smoother and quieter than ever before, and also much more efficient in terms of saving you fuel. The engine produces 210 kW of power, and with an 8-speed automatic gearbox, should provide the driver with a silky smooth and highly satisfying drive!

The Score:

From our first glance, we award the Q8 an anticipatory 8 crowns out of 10, with hopes of a test-drive coming up soon!

Where to Find It:

The spectacular Q7 is on show at Audi Centre Bryanston. Ask for Jolien Smit at the dealership to give you a first-hand Audi experience!

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