Mighty MU-X

Some time ago, I had the privilege of meeting the Dealer Principal of two Isuzu branches (one in City Deep, Johannesburg and the other in Zambezi, Pretoria), whose impact on the industry has been boh important and exciting. Marcia Mayaba is a driven, passionate woman who has really made her mark in a male-dominated industry, and remains aligned with the vision of the Women-Torque brand in inspiring and uplifting woman. As someone who believes in the ability of ladies in the industry to lead, Marcia is a fantastic partner to our brand!

The Concept:

The MU-X is a 7-seater SUV built on the same chassis as the Isuzu KB bakkies, which are massively popular in South Africa for their durability, strength and quality.

The Looks:

The MU-X has a lovely rounded shape, with curves instead of angles, and a strong, grounded presence. The front profile is assertive and bold, with slanted headlights that make it look as though the vehicle is grinning in anticipation. I like the chrome accents and the solid way the vehicle sits, with an impressive ground clearance and an imposing size that nods to its off-roading capabilities.

The Feel:

The most notable thing about driving the MU-X is the quiet cabin. Isuzu has done a great job of insulating the interior from road noise, making this a really comfortable and peaceful driving experience, especially given the powerful engine that moves the vehicle. The cabin is also generously spaced, with pretty comfortable seating all around (all trimmed in leather). Head and leg-room is ample, and it really lends itself to a big family carrier. Although it feels big and bulky when you’re sitting behind the wheel, once the MU-X is moving, an awesome sense of control and power takes over.

The Features:

A large-screened infotainment system is equipped with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and also has navigation included as standard. Two USB ports are available in the front and one in the rear. In the cockpit there is a digital display for the trip computer, and the MU-X has cruise control too. All rear seats can be folded down (and tuck away nice and flat) to enlarge the already cavernous boot space, and lots of storage cubbies are available for hiding your phone and wallet out of sight. Hill Descent Control is standard too.

The Drive:

A powerful 3 litre turbodiesel engine powers the MU-X and provides a whopping 130 kW of power and 380 Nm of torque. It is available in either 4X4 or 4X2, and has an electronic traction control system to keep power to the wheels. This worked like a charm in my opinion, with the MU-X mastering off-road drives like a champion whilst keeping the passengers inside relatively comfortable. I liked the heavier feel of the steering, especially when running it through its paces off-road, as I felt in control at all times. Not once did it hesitate but eagerly muscled its way through every obstacle and road condition I threw at it. Whilst not particularly fast or nimble, the MU-X shines as a rough-and-ready vehicle with a powerful engine.

The Score:

A really solid off-road-enabled SUV, the MU-X was impressive in its capabilities and practicalities. For this we give it a score of 7.5 crowns out of 10.

Where to Find It:

To view the masterful MU-X, check out the Isuzu Zambezi website https://isuzuzambezi.co.za as well as the Isuzu City Deep website https://isuzujhb.co.za/.

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